Home Elevator or Stair Lift

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The desire to stay in their present home with it’s familiar surroundings and neighborhood is perfectly understandable. When mobility becomes an issue, especially when it comes to moving between floors it’s comforting to know solution exist. The choice comes down to a home elevator or stair lift and will depend on individual needs. To help determine the right choice for you here are the benefits and drawbacks to each one.

Stair Lift

Let’s look at the least expensive option, the stairlift and the one most frequently installed when a person has trouble getting from one floor to another. Models exist specifically for those who have trouble bending their knees and chairlifts can be installed on virtually any set of stairs indoors, outdoors even curved ones. Stairlift don’t require any remodeling and can be installed on either side of a staircase all you need is an electrical outlet and that’s it! Some people may not like the look of the stairlift but with a different color chair or rail it can blend in with the decor nicely.

Home Elevator

A Vancouver home elevator is a great addition to any home and definitely requires some remodeling adding to the overall expense of this option. An architect needs to prepare plans which are then submitted to the planning department along with a general contractor to oversee the project. It’s a much more complicated install but well worth it once it’s finished.

Both the stair lift and elevator perform a similar function however the elevator adds style and value to the home plus it will prove more versatile. A shaft is needed for the elevator to move up and down using cables or the much quieter hydraulic drive.

Shaftless Home Elevators

The new kid on the block is an elevator that doesn’t require the extensive remodelling to construct the shaft. For anyone who for some reason doesn’t want a full remodel this offers a new choice, one that’s more aesthetically appealing as well. Powered with hydraulics the smooth, quiet ride requires only a small hydraulic tank easily hidden from view.

After weighing the pros and cons the choice may come down to how much a person wants to spend. Will it be the more cost effective and quicker install of a stair lift or a home elevator, maybe even the new shaftless model. One final thought to consider is the return on the investment of a home elevator. Why not contact our office at Home Elevators of BC and let’s get you moving.