10 Best Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is considered one of the important aspects of a new home in OKC. Homeowners and visitors spend a sizable amount of time in the kitchen cooking and socializing, and that time is greatly influenced by the design of the kitchen. The kitchen is in continually evolving both in functionality and style. Below are 10 great kitchen ideas you might want to consider for your kitchen.

Extra Refrigeration

Aside from your main refrigerator, you might also want to add another cooling feature like a beverage cooler, a produce or meat refrigerator.

Get Serious About Storage

Think of having not only ordinary drawers but a well-designed storage solution where you can easily store and organize appropriate kitchen food items, materials and utensils.

Concealed Appliances

You may also want to have refrigerators that look like cabinets, stoves and drawers for microwaves that give your kitchen a sleek and cohesive look that blends into your living room. You can also add a hidden walk-in pantry behind regular cabinet doors but make sure you take full advantage of optimum storage and sleek designing.


If you want your kitchen to be cost-efficient, you may want to install appliances that are Bluetooth connected for optimum multi-tasking. Automatic faucets for washing are helpful in saving water or energy efficient washing machines, washers, and dryers.

Composite Countertops

There are unique and sustainable options for countertops that are made from fly ash or recycled papers, composite countertops that prevent bacterial growth and resist stains, heat and scratches. Most of these countertops are VOC-free and doesn’t emit random gasses and food-safe.

Go Gray in the Kitchen

Nowadays, grey coloured cabinets are becoming a trend and are widely used instead of the most common white. If you don’t like grey, then a shade of blue is another colour great at contrasting with lighter-toned cabinets. You can even have grey wood flooring if you desire.

Go Bold

Another trending design element for the kitchen is going for big and bold when it comes to kitchen hardware and fixtures. For modern kitchen designs, warm finishes in brass. Bronze and copper are still being used but black and polished or satin silvers like nickel works can also be great options.

Multi-Purpose Sink

Aside from having a big sink for your kitchen, there are also other options aside from considering the size. Having drainage grates and cutting boards that can fit in the groove without slipping can be removed easily for washing, which can transform your sink into a full workstation. If you want to can go for really big sinks with two faucets making more space for two people to work at the same time.

Hardwood Floors

If you can, go for hardwood floors like oak or maple, which can last for a long time and can also be refinished for 10-12 times during its long lifespan. However, if you are concerned about upkeep, then wood-patterned tiles are a great option. They are easy to clean and care of and will give your kitchen that hardwood look, you’ll hardly notice it’s not real wood.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is perfect for counters and floors and comes in different colours and patterns. It can last for a long time and is great for kitchens which are high in traffic. Just make sure that it’s sealed since it’s more porous than tile. But, it will stand up better for people, pets and parties.

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