Relation between E-Commerce Industry & Supply Chain Solutions

The supply chain of a modern logistics and distribution system starts from the producer and ends at the customer. It is often a long chain involving connections between transports by various surface, marine and air cargo systems as well as storage units at various points of a warehouse network.

Advanced technology has continued to impact the industry and bring in dynamic changes in cold chain logistics, the latest trend being integrating digital technology. For specialized and perishable goods in particular, the logistics industry needs to have a system in place with sophisticated cold chain solutions.

Logistics service providers should be equipped with in-depth knowledge about temperature sensitive solutions are in demand, especially for the medicine, food, and agricultural industries. Special needs are those which are time bound like perishable goods, weather retractable goods, or simply goods which need to reach destination by a fixed time line.

Heat can damage paper packed products, decompose perishable goods and also lead to leakages. Rain can dampen wood crating and wood products. Freezing cold is capable of shrinking and reducing the efficacy of products.

All these factors combine to effect perishable and fresh produce adversely. Fragile cargo includes farm fresh produce, perishable food, art work, glassware, festival gifts etc.

A very critical issue is the packing of the consignment. You cannot blame the courier company for damage if your goods are not packed safely. Use sturdy and protective packing material. Stuff in loose paper to keep goods from moving around. Close and seal the box securely. Remove any old labels or stickers from the packing. Write address in accordance with the courier company’s requirements.

All this requires super efficient supply chain management and logistics providers who act as vital catalysts and trusted supply and management solutions providers. Supply Chain Management providers focus on efficient procurement-to-delivery processes; provide simplified processes with end-to-end solutions that encompass detailed analysis for procurement, supply and distribution.

Seamless freighting services that include a fast paced rail and road transport network are essential for this. The services need to be strongly built, fast, and often need to be equipped with temperature sensitive solutions as well.

In recent times the logistics industry has gone through a paradigm shift. The demand for fast and seamless delivery between different physical points have increased manifold and to meet these new demands the approach to the practices of logistics, distribution, and delivery has changed.

In a country like India, fast-paced surface movement is a further challenge because of the amazing length and breadth of the country. A logistics service provider in India does not only need to operate a large fleet of cargo, it also needs to ensure that its fleet is moving properly at multiple locations at the same time.

Gati has an up-to date, state-of-the art cold chain solution in place for transporting perishable and time-sensitive goods with road worthy trucks and trained, efficient staff for inventory management and monitoring. With a 3000+ fleet of cargo vehicles as well as India’s first ever cargo train at its disposal, Gati is perfectly positioned to address the challenges of surface movement in India.