5 Tips for Dumpster Safety

If you are ready to make a move chances are you’ll need a dumpster to dispose of trash and old, worn out furniture. Getting rid of mattresses, couches and other large items is easier if you rent a dumpster for a day.

Follow these 5 tips to use your rented dumpster safely.

Use Protective Gear

Use protective gear when working around a dumpster. Broken glass, chemicals and splinters can damage your eyes or other body parts if you are not wearing goggles, boots and work clothes. Dress for hard, difficult and potentially dangerous work. Cover up exposed skin. Even if you are working in hot, humid weather it’s well worth sweating off a few extra pounds to stay safe when tossing trash into a dumpster.

Never Smoke Near a Dumpster

Many workers tend to take long or short smoke breaks during a move. Avoid smoking near a dumpster to reduce the risk of starting a fire. Old couches, chairs or mattresses are highly flammable pieces of trash. If a few embers from your cigarette come into contact with a mattress or couch you can start a large fire quickly. If you are going to smoke step well away from the dumpster to be safe.

Park the Dumpster on a Level Surface

It may seem obvious but never park a dumpster on an uneven surface.  Positioning a dumpster on a hill or other slope can create disastrous consequences. Imagine a runaway container weighing tons barreling down your neighborhood street? Parking dumpsters on uneven surfaces can also cause a wicked weight shift if you have not properly loaded the container. Find a level surface where you can park the container. Load garbage evenly to avoid a dangerous weight shift which can endanger the life of the truck driver hauling the dumpster and anybody around the container.

Never Throw Unauthorized Materials into the Dumpster

Certain chemicals, propane tanks, batteries, tires, Freon and solvents cannot be disposed of in the dumpster. Any flammable, hazardous, explosive, toxic, volatile or radioactive material should never be placed inside of a dumpster. Some of these materials will cause damage to the container. Other materials are not allowed to be disposed of due to landfill regulations. If in doubt consult the dumpster company before tossing out any material. It’s better to double check than to pay out a hefty fine or steep fees for damaging the container.

Make Sure the Surface Can Withstand Great Force

Setting up your dumpster on an old, worn out driveway can results in large cracks in the surface. The dumpster alone can weight many thousands of pounds. Adding thousands more pounds in the form of old furniture and other forms of refuse to be thrown out can be too much for your driveway to handle. Park the dumpster on the street if you have an older, run down driveway. Never place the dumpster on a well-manicured lawn.

Do strict due diligence on companies which rent dumpsters. Seek out competitive prices, ask about rental periods and find roll off dumpster companies with helpful and knowledgeable phone support before you become well schooled in dumpster safety. If you need a rental service try this company.

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