Apartment To House: 6 Decorating Tips You Can’t Do Without

If you’re upgrading from an apartment to a house, you might be overwhelmed with decorating options. This is more likely if you’re going from renting a place to owning your own space. Consider these six tips for how to fill and decorate all that new space:

1. Consider Color

With your own home, you can paint or add other wall treatments. Begin by researching popular color trends. Pick colors that make you happy. Generally, it will be best to stick to neutral and lighter hues except as spot color. Darker colors make great accents below a chair rail or on a single wall. Before painting, you can get tips from experts at your local hardware store.

2. Furnish with Care

When moving into a larger home, you might wonder what you are going to do with the extra space. It will fill more quickly than you can imagine. Instead of filling your home with several large pieces of new furniture, select one or two large pieces of furniture for each room as focal points. Then grow your collection around those pieces.

3. Decorate to Scale

When moving from a small space into a larger home, your decorations might not fit the scale of your new environment. To decorate larger rooms, invest in wall hangings, mirrors and other décor that adequately fill and complement the space in your new home. A measuring tape will come in handy as you determine the right décor.

4. Use Vertical Space

Both apartments and houses often have vertical space available for decoration or storage. Use it. Consider installing shelves for books or knickknacks. You can even make shelves using stained planks of wood and cinder blocks. Shelving can effectively fill vertical space in more practical and efficient ways than wall hangings.

5. Select Window Treatments

When you move into a house, your choice of window treatments will influence the look and feel of your new home’s interior. Schedule an in-home consultation with a professional window treatment company, and choose treatments that open up your space or provide a cozy, insulated feeling.

6. Review Lighting Options

Homeowners can benefit by reviewing lighting options in a new home. Several eco-friendly options have become available on the market recently. Replacing fluorescent tubes with LED tube lighting, for example, can reduce energy costs as well as light your home.

Moving into a house from an apartment is exciting. These design tips should help you enjoy the process.

Information Credit to FieldStone Homes (Pineae Gardens, Centerville, Utah)