Reasons Why You Have Mice

While some people think rats or mice make good pets for the rest of is they are unwanted guests who have invaded our home. They find a way into your house and can cause hundreds  even  thousands of dollars in damage and pose a threat to children and pets by carrying disease and biting.

If you discover you have a rodent problem it’s important not to delay taking care of it by hiring a pest control in Vancouver company. You might try to deal with the infestation yourself once you are aware of the signs however a trained professional will solve the issue once and for all.

Homeowners sometimes wonder how these pests got into their home in the first place, even a newer home is not immune from the problem. If you have cracks or holes in walls, floors or the foundation mice can easily fit through the tiniest spots even holes smaller than their bodies. Most homeowners are not aware they have these openings until they notice signs of a rodent problem.

Some other unlikely places you may not realize mice can enter are spaces around the windows and ceilings. It’s possible for these tiny pests to find a way into your home is so many ways you might never think about. Drainage or plumbing pipes usually have spaces where they enter a house that allow entry and generally are not sealed properly. Gas, electrical or cable service lines offer more points of entry into your home. Once these mice find their way into your nice, warm home they’re not about to leave especially during cold weather. Even more concerning is the rapid and frequent nature in which rodents procreate, one creature can result in more than 200 new additions in a matter of a few months. And that’s more house guests than anyone wants!

There are preventative steps a homeowner can take to stop rodents from entering the house, for example going through the house and sealing any and all cracks, holes and openings you find. Using cement or metal is the surest way to have these measure last any other material will allow mice to gain entry. Make sure doors and windows are secure at all times without screens in place mice can enter your home and do a lot of damage.

Contact a Local Pest Control professional and  have a trained professional deal with any pest problems.

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