Fun Things To Do In Northern California

Northern California offers travelers with unparalled beauty along with a taste of city life in the state’s capital. You can check out one of the most stunning bridges on earth in San Francisco, visit a casino to test your luck and stroll through the capital.

Use the internet to perform thorough due diligence. Learning more about each spot can help you fully enjoy your trip through Northern Cali.

Visit the Golden Gate Bridge

Visit the Golden Gate Bridge to see one of California’s crown jewels. Any traveler should spend at least a day visiting the bridge to soak up a stunning, breathtaking view of the city, bay and surrounding areas. Visit the local park for a fun, inspired afternoon in a natural setting.

This landmark is fabled as one of the top construction accomplishments of the past century. Make sure to take a snapshot to preserve one of the most beautiful bridges on earth.

You can walk or bike across the bridge if you want to work out while enjoying a pretty view of the surrounding bay. The popular American landmark is an iconic site not to be missed if you’re traveling through the San Francisco area.

Hit the Casino

If you’re hungry to make a few extra bucks or perhaps hit it big visit the Red Hawk Casino n Northern California. Stopping by the casino isn’t just about trying to get rich. You can people watch in a unique environment full of colorful characters.

Professional players and grandmas trying to score big with their social security checks might be playing the slots elbow to elbow.

Enjoy a few adult beverages and press your luck with a variety of fun, thrilling games.

Visit the casino for at least a few days to soak up the complete experience. Don’t forget to take advantage of multiple promotional events to maximize your chances of cashing in.

Visit the State Capital

Stop by to watch a Kings game, tour the capital or chow down at a neighborhood restaurant.  An NBA game always offers you an entertaining, high energy way to spend a winter or spring night. Get your tickets in advance as Kings fans are some of the more loyal, rabid fans in the NBA. They pack the joint almost every night so pick up your tickets early before they sell out.

The Capitol is a free way to pass the time in Sacramento. Cruise down the hallway to view the governor’s portraits or watch the legislature in session if they’re currently convening.

You can also see a show at the Crest Theater or visit local towns like Elk Grove, Folsom, Rose-ville and Fair Oaks to take a step into the past.

Take a trip on the train along the river or go to a River Cats game for a fun afternoon or evening taking in America’s pastime. Catching a minor league game really is fun for the whole family.

Wherever you decide to go in Northern California you’re likely to enjoy the trip. Take your time, relax and soak up the experience.

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