What Is Local SEO and How Does It Help To Catch Traffic?

Get your business ranked at search engines by local search engine optimization (SEO). It helps your business to be visible physically for users looking for local information.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is to get your website optimized so that you can gain higher local search rankings. Reportedly, over a third of total searches in 2014 will be local . When a user makes a non-geo-targeted keywords query it almost triggers above 50% local results.

Local search engine optimization is to get your business optimized so that prospective customers can find complete information about your business location, services or goods while searching locally. Local SEO is about providing as much information about your company online that it becomes easy for web browsers to know your business details when they are searching for any particular goods or services that match your business.

Due to the increase of mobile users, mobiles drive fastest conversions, as many people search for local information. According to the Mobile Search Moments Study 2013, 77% of mobile searches are in a location like work or home. Mobile users search for variety of information that makes 55% conversions happening within hour.

Internet users are looking for details such as location, phone number or physical address if they know the name or they may be looking for name if they know the address . they may want to discover driving distance, directions and operating hours. Local SEO in Dubai helps to show this kind of information via the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Why Local SEO Is Needed?

Local SEO is needed to create a local relevance at Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) that helps with organic SEO. It provides existence to every business, either big or small, that deals with local customers. It helps to interact with people who are interested in your business and are likely to purchase your products and services.
Some main benefits of local SEO are:

•    Higher Search Engine Ranking: local SEO attracts people from local area  that gives a high search engine ranking to a website.
•    Your business appears on Google locations and Google maps when someone searches for certain business in certain area.
•    Less payment for advertisement: It is helpful for small business who don’t need to pay high cost to get clicks. Instead of that using local keywords can easily make people to click on your products or services.
•    Connecting with customers: local seo builds relationship with customers as they get connected to you every time they search a specific product matching to your business.

How local SEO brings the Potential Traffic to the Website Masters, Website Owners, Businessmen?

Google works on “centroid bias” that means to show those places in search results that are closer to the center of geographic area where query is done. If someone searches for any keyword, there will be a centroid bias to rank a business in a neighboring location. It attracts more users to that website, hence, rising the potential traffic.

Local SEO adds visibility to a website by providing its full detail and biography on Google Places Listing that user might be searching for. The other strategy to get potential traffic is to link your Google Places page to a Google+ Local page that is used for social interaction. This page contains information and reviews about the restaurants, hotels, videos and images that people like to read.

Local SEO for Marketing Purpose:

•    Local SEO is important as compared to other channels like social media marketing and other paid online marketing channels as it requires use of local keywords to be targeted by search engines to get more clicks. A business men does not need to pay high cost for PPC campaign or social media pages.
•    Choosing right keywords in accordance with search terms results in attracting more visitors.
•    Listing your business profile in most important local business directories Google+ Places, Yahoo Local, and Bing Places shows you at top of search results when searched locally instead of marketing at social media websites.
•    Building accurate citation of your business name, address and phone number and avoiding spam directories rewards a business website to come in local search.
•    This is how local SEO helps marketing a business easily and smartly as compared to social media marketing.

Etek studio provides Local SEO services in Dubai to help to boost a business by attracting people from local area. Adding location based keywords help to get a website at SERP’s by increasing web traffic very quickly.

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