Ranikhet Temples: It’s Not Just About The Divinity; It’s Also The Architecture That Steals Your Heart

What comes to your mind when you think of Ranikhet…? You might think about this town in terms of hill station, spot for adventures and beautiful sceneries. However, lesser spoken fact is that this town is also home for some of the most ancient temples of the country. Here under, we suggest you a few temples, which you should visit in Ranikhet.

Jhoola Devi Temple:

This temple stands as the evidence of 8th century classic Indian architecture. Making a trip to this temple isn’t difficult as it is situated at 7 kilometers from the urban part of Ranikhet. The clangs of the cluster of the holy bells in the temple can be heard over long distances. Mythology states that this temple was originally constructed to seek the protection of goddess Durga for the wild animals of that place. A Ram Mandir resides just on top of this temple on the Kumaon hill.

Sun Temple:

This is another ancient temple located at 25 kilometers from the town. It is popularly known as Katramal and has a wide reputation as one of the most ancient temples of Almora. You got to take the trekking route to reach this temple. The exquisite stone carvings and architectural patterns can just make you go “wow”. Credits have to be given to the Archaeological Survey of India, who has taken up the responsibility of preserving this 12th century master piece. When you make a visit to this temple, you will realize that this isn’t just a temple but also a unique art, which can take you by surprise.

Harakhan Temple:

In the foothills of the Himalayas, there was a village named Haidakhan. From a cave of this village, a noble saint has originated. This temple is built as a tribute to this saint. The best part of visiting this temple is the incredible view of Himalayan Mountains you can witness from here. After all, this is the highest point of Ranikhet. The temple looks at its best during the time of Navaratri. You can find the entire place getting energized with the dance and cheer. You can’t resist yourself from grabbing a stick and joining the dandiya.’

Binsar Mahadev Temple:

It’s an ideal place for devotees, peace seekers and nature lovers. There is a lot more to witness and experience at this place. The tall trees of deodar and pine greet the visitors and can make anyone feel that it serves as a great picnic spot. You would definitely enjoy your ride from the crowded Ranikhet to this temple. It is believed that the construction of this temple, which was made in 10th century, just took a single day! The best time to visit this temple is in the month of June, when the main festival of this temple is held.

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