6 Things To Do In Chicago

The Windy City is full of fun and interesting things to do independent of season. Chicago provides you with a wide range of enjoyable indoor and outdoor activities which run throughout the year. Before you plan your trip to Chi-Town check out these 6 things to do.

Stop by Sidekicks

Sidekicks was the in thing to do even before karaoke was hip. The throwback bar elicits memories of the famous Blues Brothers duo performing their finest works. Call ahead for birthdays or other events since Sidekicks books up quickly during any season. The bar staff will even tape you and your friends at your event for free. Dart-throwers can find some stiff competition in the bar/restaurant. Stroll into the back room to find other dart-playing fans and a competitive game to test your skills.

As for event scheduling karaoke starts at 8 PM and runs until midnight during the week and 3 AM on Saturdays. The kitchen stays open late so you can get your onion rings and Italian Beef at just about any time.

Eat a Deep Dish Pizza

Chicago is world renowned for its deep dish style pizzas. Visit a local Italian restaurant for the best deep dish you’ll ever find. For the best restaurants simply ask the native Chicagoan on the street. These folks likely know the ultimate deep dish spot in the community like the back of their hand. Ask around for a delectable, delightful experience.

Visit the National Vietnam Veterans Art Museum

This spot is the single museum in the US dedicated to showcasing artwork of Vietnam veterans. Make a donation to help the cash-strapped museum and generate good karma too. The gallery also shows works by Iraqi war veterans. Take in a moving scene of dog tags from all of the 58,000 service women and men who perished in the war. On the third floor you can see exhibits from the more recent Iraq War. The main gallery on the first floor displays a metal sculpture romanticizing the idea of war.

Check on the hardcover rendition of the gallery as you exit the museum for a fascinating look at the gallery from a different perspective.

Stop by the Judy Istock Butterfly Haven

While visiting the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum stop by the Judy Istock Butterfly Haven. Make sure that you love butterflies before visiting since you’ll be sharing space with about 1000 of the beautiful, graceful insects. Take a stroll through a butterfly-rich scene after watching an introductory movie. Soak up the natural beauty inside the enclosure. Seeing the camouflage strategies of these cute creatures and the effortless coasting through the air can make you feel at one with nature.

Before you leave stop by the mirror to make sure no butterfly attempts to leave with you.

Visit a Pub

If you like to hit the suds try visiting a pub on either the North Side or South Side of Chicago. Check out Discovering Ireland in Chicago for a nice breakdown of pubs in town. Indulging in your favorite adult beverage of choice while chilling in the Windy City is a favored past time of locals and travelers alike.

Grab a Veggie Dish at the Pick Me up Café

Even though visits to Chicago to conjure up images of heavily meat-influenced dishes you can grab great vegetarian fare at the Pick Me up Café. No need to feel terribly bloated after your latest carne binge. Order a Vegan Tofu Scram or Skordalia to watch your waist and feel better about your choice of meal. The Zombie coffee drink provides you with a serious shot in the arm. Cutting out meat and dairy for a meal or 2 isn’t as bad as you think.


The Windy City offers you a wide range of activities. Consider catching a basketball or baseball game if you’re a sports fan or head over to the lake if you need a break from the summer heat.

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