View The Aegean Dream Through Turkey’s Cities

The history of Turkey is one which is bound up the Aegean Sea. This mass of water stretches from the Balkans to the Anatolia Peninsulas of Turkey. It was once the sea which brought invaders to the Eastern cost of Turkey, including Greeks and Romans, but it was also the source of trade and tourism, and for many it remains so to this day.  The Aegean Sea is still one of the primary reasons why many tourists choose Turkey as their holiday location, promising rich, sandy beaches and the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean. Visitors to the towns located on the sea will experience some of the culture of the area, including a fixed relationship between man and the sea. For anyone interested in visiting some of the cities along the Aegean Sea, booking a Turkey tour package can help to ensure that you get everything you want from the experience.

Boat Cruises

One way to explore the beauty of the Aegean is through a boat cruise. There are many specialist cruises which can take tourists from the Bosphorus near Istanbul, and out into the Aegean Sea, passing many tiny islands along the way. The tour can take you past many of the towns and cities which would take days to reach by car or bus. The view of the coastline from the boat will also allow you to consider the best locations for further explorations. Being able to make these choices means that visitors will get a better understanding of the area, and also be able to pick out what interests them. Being able to see what something looks like can give tourists a much better idea of what they really want.

Ancient Ruins

One of the major reasons to visit Turkey is the ancient ruins of the Aegean coast stand as a monument to the settlers of the region. Aphrodisias is famous as the city with the Temple of Aphrodite, which overlooks the Aegean, but it also boasts many other features. Nearby, the ancient city of Ephesus is another tourist attraction, with temples to Roman emperors, Theatres, and an Archaeological museum in the nearby town of Selcuk. Pergamon also allows visitors to view many of the Roman versions of these ruins, including a Temple to Dionysos, another to Zeus, and even an ancient medical centre, the Asclepion.

Modern Locations

Most tourists like ruins, but also want to be able to have modern amenities such as comfortable hotels and reasonable places to eat. Izmir is a place which combines these, having not only the above, but also a fascinating bazaar, and it can also be reached by plane. It is usually seen as a stopping-off point between different locations, but it is a typical Aegean town, with luxury and calmness being more standard than you might expect from the third largest city in Turkey.

Kusadasi is a major tourist resort and is often a stopping point for cruise ships. It is close to Izmir, and is virtually next to the ancient ruined city of Ephesus, but most visitors come for the nightlife and the beaches. There is even a Ladies’ Beach, the Kadinlar Plaji, which is very close to the city centre, and is the primary beach for the area. It is also close to Pamucak beach, wide and virtually known, it is enormously popular with the real suntan fans. These fantastic beaches mean that sometimes, the city can be uncomfortably crowded, but the dedicated will not mind.

Visiting the Aegean Sea will give you a real appreciation for ancient Greek poems and plays, and also for the history of the peoples who came to live in the lands near to the coast. The ancient ruins look stunning with the background of the sea, and it is a truly astonishing sight. There are always more places to explore in the Aegean, and particularly around the ruined city of Ephesus, but there are many other things to do in the cities, such as eat, relax, and party the night away. In order to get the most out of a trip, it is a good idea to book a Turkey tour package that focuses upon the Aegean coast.

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