5 Tips For Cloud Computing Security To Protect Your Business

If you have reservations about using cloud computing services to secure your business data consider exploring private cloud computing in greater detail. Being in control over your environment allows IT professionals to effectively secure data.

As cyber criminals are becoming savvier and bold in their attacks it makes sense to take all measures necessary secure the cloud to protect sensitive business data.

Test Extensively

Don’t make the mistake of assuming anything. Test your network extensively to make sure your network is secure. Consider hiring skilled hackers who can thoroughly test security systems. Attempting to breach walls to access data is the quickest and easiest way to find vulnerabilities.

If you or your testers can break through barriers to gain unauthorized access to data then cyber criminals can probably do the same. Look for weak points. Shore up these areas to secure the cloud and your business data.


Speak to other clients about references. Inquire into potential references by asking your cloud provider for a client list. Make sure that these clients require tight security measures. Government, insurance, financial and healthcare organizations are a good starting point as these businesses need to keep particularly sensitive data safe and secure.

If large organizations with similar needs are using a business you may be a good match for the services provided as well. Speaking to references can give you confidence in making your decision since word of mouth marketing is a great trust builder.

Connect with references to ask how they’ve secured their data and to observe what they’re using cloud services for.

Take Storage Seriously

Know the data center and server where your business data is being stored. Probe both to ensure that all appropriate security measures are in place. Make sure that the data center is audited and that clients are properly certified.

Look into managed services to make your business, applications and data more robust. Intrusion detection, antivirus and managed firewalls are but a few of the services offered by cloud providers or data centers to keep your business data secure. Delving deeper into the options available to you and your business can give you confidence in choosing a cloud provider.

Backup Data

Don’t make the foolish mistake of forgetting to backup your business data. Gain more control over your data with frequent, thorough backups. Think of this practice as a way to secure your business versus securing your data. If your data is compromised having a backup in place helps you to recover customer data.

Keep your reputation intact should your business become an unfortunate victim of cyber hackers. Backup your data.

Know the Physical Location of Your Data

By knowing where your data lives you can have confidence that your data is safe and secure.  Dedicated hardware can help you secure your data because you’ll know the specific physical location of your data.

Cloud computing security services must stand up to rigorous security measures. Having your business data on a dedicated machine helps secure your data on the cloud.

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