Masks for the face of teens to eliminate blackheads

The adolescent period is a difficult time for boys and girls, and even for their parents. Hormonal changes entail not only a change of behavior and new hobbies. Many people face such a terrible (in their opinion) problem, like acne and black dots. Few of the teenagers manage to avoid this problem, however “the devil is not as terrible as it is painted.” Acne is what can and should be fought with. And help us in this natural cosmetology.

If you decide to achieve a clean and smooth face, it is important for you to observe several rules of nutrition and hygiene. To cleanse the face you need to eat healthy food and drink plenty of clean water. Acne cannot be squeezed out and pinched, otherwise their number will increase. And regularly do cleansing and healing procedures for the face. After all, the day on the face accumulates dust, dirt, skin fat, and if the skin is not cleansed, the pores become clogged and inflammation begins. Keep reading

Each time, before applying the mask, wash your hands. If the mask is applied with a brush, it must also be washed thoroughly each time. Do not use tissue towels – they can live microbes from your face. Instead of tissue use paper towels or napkins. Observance of these rules will help you defeat acne.

The mask should be applied to the cleansed face. To do this, remove the remnants of make-up remover with a makeup remover, then steam your face on an herbal decoction. This will increase the effectiveness of the mask several times. To prepare your face for the mask, it is best to follow the user reviews.

The most effective face mask for blackheads

Mask with activated charcoal and gelatin

Mask components:

  • Gelatin – a teaspoon;
  • Activated Charcoal Tablet.

Mask Recipe:

  • Mix a teaspoon of gelatin with water in a ratio of 1:3. Leave it for a while.
  • When gelatin swells, mix it with a crushed activated charcoal tablet.

This mixture should be applied to problem areas of the skin and left for 30 minutes. After completely drying, remove the thin gelatin film from the skin, preferably a whole piece. In liquid form, gelatin penetrates deep inside the pores, activated charcoal disinfects the pores from the inside, and after drying, gelatin removes contaminants and grease from the outside. But it is the fatty grease that causes the appearance of black dots. The mask can be used 1-2 times a week.