Tips For Healing Quickly After A Surgery

Commit to speeding up the recovery process after having surgery. Many patients delay their healing by pampering themselves and expecting to be either in the hospital or rehabbing at home for an extended period of time. Deciding to heal quickly requires you to make a firm and definite choice to do what it takes. Surround yourself with positive people and eat the right foods to facilitate the healing process.

Maintain a Positive Environment

If you want to accelerate your healing build a positive environment in your hospital room. The mind-body connection cannot be underestimated. When you feel great your body is in a better vibration. This vibration can help boost your mood and improve your healing. Use mental tools like auto-suggestion, place flowers around your home and invite only cheery, positive, uplifting people to visit you. Although you need to follow practical medical tips to accelerate your healing feeling good about your prognosis can give you a much needed healing boost after a particularly painful surgery.

Eat Nutritious Foods

Unless you’ve been instructed by your doctor to eat specific foods due to your surgery eat fresh fruits, lean meats and leafy vegetables to heal more quickly after your surgery. Eating healthy, nutritious foods feeds your body the nutrients it needs to facilitate healing.

Consuming fatty or sugary foods provides you with poor nutrition when you need the right foods the most. Cut out soft drinks, donuts and hard candies post op. Focus on eating nature’s foods such as apples, oranges, romaine lettuce, broccoli, blueberries, strawberries, lean meats and fish to fuel your body.

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

This is a painfully simple tip that all too many patients fail to follow. Even though you may be hellbent on leaving your bed due to being stir crazy your doctor ordered you to be on a week’s bed rest for good reason. You’ll likely reinjure yourself or bust your stitches if you move around too much.

Listen to the advice of your doctor or surgeon. Patiently address any urgings by convincing yourself that a trained professional knows better than someone with little knowledge of your surgery or the recovery it entails. Is a walk around the hospital really worth winding back up on the operating table within a day or 2?

Rehabilitate like a Champion

Although you don’t want to overdo it most patients err heavily on the side of caution when it comes to rehabilitating after a surgery. You cannot expect to recover quickly if you completely avoid any pain or suffering during rehabilitation. Of course you don’t want to rush through rehab haphazardly but if you want to get better and leave the hospital, or if you want to speed healing after you go home you’ll need to push yourself.

Decide that your recovery is well worth a few moments of pain or suffering. Push yourself. Your body can handle an incredible amount of pain so if you experience a few seconds of uncomfortable sensations you’ll be able to plow through them like a champion.