Exploring A Few Facts About Loose Skin After Weight Loss

How can you explain the excesses of lax and redundant skin sticking on to your body after a massive weight loss? It’s nothing but sagging skin which is considered to be an almost inevitable result of weight loss. Now, that excess skin might as well be the only reason why you’re not able to achieve that much desirous look even after losing substantial amount of weight. We will be discussing a few details of loose skin after weight loss with you today so that it becomes easier for you to understand this common phenomenon.

A few facts about Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Some experts believe that loose skin after weight loss is a myth

There are some experts who believe that sagging skin is NOT an inextricable part of weight loss and there are some people who still manage to retain perfect skin elasticity even after knocking off pounds considerably. Many of these experts end up claiming that the primary reason behind weight loss is crash diet and the rapid loss of muscle. They believe that in the near future there is every possibility of a correlation being established between loose skin and muscle loss.

It often becomes difficult to distinguish between loose skin and actual fat

Whatever might be the reason behind that loose skin after weight loss, it is very important to be able to distinguish between sagging skin and fat. There are different methods which are deemed suitable for combating fat and loose skin. If you’re not really able to distinguish between the two you will consequently be unsuccessful in embracing a perfect fitness regime in accordance. It’s your love handles, thighs, butts, hips and lower abs which are generally resistant to your weight loss program. Are you being able to grab more than a millimeter of skin in your hand? Or does that skin resemble a very thin corrugated paper? In the former case, you’re dealing with fat and in the latter one you’re dealing with loose skin

How can you restore skin elasticity after weight loss?

There is no reason to believe that you can get rid of loose skin only by surgical methods. There are collagen creams to sail you through. Drink lots of water in order to achieve a more radiant skin and tighter skin. Hydration is absolutely important for skin elasticity. One of the easiest ways to address sagging skin is to slow down your exercise regime. It might as well become “psychologically” difficult for your skin to adjust to an abrupt fitness regime or dietary change. So, it is important to revise your routine a bit. And, you never know when that crash diet can cause all that loss of the muscle and the resultant loosening up of skin (read the initial paragraphs).

Consider using salt and mineral scrubs for tightening up all that sagging skin. Though there is no absolute guarantee of success you can definitely try them out as harmless experiments as some say that they work!