Mask-film for cleaning pores with activated charcoal

Now home cosmetology has become very popular. It continues to exist and develop along with a huge range of skin care products that can be bought in the store, and with a variety of salon procedures. In particular, a mask is widely used to clean pores with activated charcoal. It can be a substitute for special strips for the nose or play the role of a full-fledged mask of complex impact.

It all depends on how to cook it. The principle in all recipes is one. But, depending on the situation, proportions may change or additional components may be introduced. In any case, such a tool has a cleansing effect.

To achieve positive results, you need to follow the procedure according to all the rules. Then you can make your skin clean, smooth and beautiful for a little money.

The effectiveness of the mask

Mask-film for cleaning pores is made of two main ingredients – activated charcoal and food gelatin. But, as is known, these products are dry, therefore, to give the product the necessary consistency, it is necessary to introduce liquid. Most often, simple purified water or milk is used here. If desired, you can enrich it with essential oils suitable for your skin type (tea tree, orange, ylang-ylang, etc.) – only 1 drop will be needed. You can find more details about cleaning pores on

The beneficial effect on the skin

Mask-film with activated charcoal is primarily aimed at the deep cleansing of pores and elimination of black dots. With regular application, you will notice that the skin has become smooth and smooth to the touch, its color has leveled off, and inflammations, pimples, and other troubles began to occur less and less. If you use the product as a strip for the nose, then you are guaranteed not only the rapid elimination of black points but also the narrowing of the pores. Thanks to this, this problem is prevented in the future.

If you have dry or sensitive skin, then it is best for you to replace the water with milk. Then the mask-film for cleaning the pores with activated charcoal, in addition to all the properties listed above, will also have nutritional quality. As a result, with its regular use, you get a velvety soft skin. If you want to increase the effectiveness of the drug, then drip into it your favorite essential oil.

Among other things, any mask based on gelatin contains protein and collagen. These substances can eliminate wrinkles and make the skin more elastic and elastic.

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