List Of Important Upcoming Events In Mumbai Where You Need To Be

When it comes to partying, entertainment and nightlife, no one can bet the city of Mumbai. As the year progresses, the city will be subjected to a number of parties and festivals. Over the next few days, there will be performances by internationally acclaimed artists in and around the city, which you just cannot afford to skip.

Now, here is a list of the most important events in Mumbai 2015 that you should definitely swing by as it will be worth each second because fun never stops.

1. Ed Sheeran concert (March 01, Venue: Race Course)

If someone said they don’t know who Ed Sheeran is, this is a must for them as Ed Sheeran is the Rising star of EDM (Electronic Dance Music). As more and more international artists are choosing to perform in India, it was about time that Ed Sheeran came here. The concert is going to be a big hit, and the tickets are online already. So, try to be there and let yourself dance to his beats.

2. Dj Kohra (March 7, Venue: The lost Party)            

After performing a hit show in Gurgaon, Kohra is headed towards Mumbai for another potential belter of a show.  He has also received the awards for the best Techno Artist + Best Dj of 2015, so you pretty much know beforehand that it is going to be another awesome show full of music, dance, and who knows, you might meet another music enthusiast over there.

3. Retro Night (Feb 28, Venue: Blue Frog)

The Retro night features performances by The Other People and DJ Leon Russell. There is really nothing to be said about The Other People as they’ve got more than eight years of experience and countless performances under their belt and is truly India’s pop/rock sensation. Also, Dj Russell has been in the industry for over two decades, the time only a few people have spent in this field. The night promises to be a huge one, and you’ll be left wanting for more.

4. Grand Holi Feast 2015   (March 06, Venue: Dhindrendra Villa)

As the city prepares itself for the Holi festival, this is an event you cannot miss. The party will include performances by renowned Dj’s, artists and promises to be fun.  The fun gets doubled up due to the availability of Hookah and other activities. Make sure you get on with this in time or else you’ll end up waiting for another year!

5. Stage 42

Last but not the least, Stage 42. A new festival will be in town with a lot of plays, comedy shows and music concerts. There will be many International and Indian performers to supply you with your daily of dose of fun and entertainment. The venues will be Bluefrog, St, Andrew’s Auditorium and others. There will also be the exclusive performance by AIB, Kanan Gill, Vir Das and others.

With all the events listed above, there is not much of choice available for you on the weekends and weekdays.  So, go ahead and enjoy your upcoming month to the fullest because you deserve it after a hard day’s work.

Author’s Bio:  Just a normal guy trying to help people decide better where to invest their time for maximum fun by keeping a track of the events in Mumbai 2015 through his writings, which can be found at eventshigh.