Make Every Celebration Memorable With G&D Marquees

G&D Marquees

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, office party or family celebration, hiring a marquee can certainly make the event more special by proving to be a unique venue option. You can give an extraordinary touch to the marquee by playing with décor and furnishings, as only sky’s the limit when it comes to adorning a marquee. To ensure that everything goes as per plan and you are able to enjoy the event to the maximum, there are a few aspects you should consider beforehand.

First and foremost, you should enquire about marquee hire service as early as possible. It usually happens in peak seasons that all the suppliers are booked due to high demand. Therefore, as soon as you finalise the date and time of the event, you should start enquiring about renowned suppliers, such as G&D Marquees. Being reputable and well established in this field, such suppliers can confirm beforehand about the availability of marquee, thus assuring your peace of mind.

The next thing to decide is the size of the marquee, as these are available in diverse shapes and sizes. You would want the venue to be of the right size, neither too big nor too small. Count the total number of guests who are expected to attend the event and then decide the marquee size accordingly. It will help to ensure that there will be enough space to accommodate all the guests, without making them feel cramped and the place looking overcrowded.

Venue of the event is the next aspect to be finalised, as then you will be able to inform the supplier where he has to deliver the marquee. Ideally the location should be secure and free from any intrusions. There should not be any restrictions in the form of pipes, cables, trees, power lines etc. If it is a garden or ground, then you should consider the weather as well, as it should be clear without any chances of rain or strong winds.

A crucial thing to remember here is that setting up a marquee can take time. Therefore, you would want it to be delivered significant time before the event so that you have enough time to assemble it. Once you inform the supplier about the date and time of the event, he can suggest the right time to deliver the marquee so that everything is set up sufficient time before and your guests do not have to wait.

After selecting the right marquee, it is time to select the décor and furnishings which should complement the mood of the event you are planning to celebrate. Besides this it is crucial to check the availability of other amenities as well. To begin with, there should be provision of parking the vehicles safely close to the venue where you wish to set up the marquee. Provisions for washrooms, lighting and catering facilities should also be made in time.

A marquee is certainly a great option to make any event a lifelong memory. By keeping the above mentioned tips in mind and hiring competent suppliers like G&D Marquees, you can definitely enhance the fun and enjoyment.