Self-Storage Tips

Before choosing a self-storage facility it helps to set your priorities. Knowing that you want your valuables to be safe, secure and in excellent condition helps you pick the right facility for your needs. Research diligently. Don’t settle for a less than reputable storage spot. Patiently visit a few local facilities to get a feel for what they can offer you.

Security Check

Demand tight security in and around the self-storage facility. Do you see ample lighting and cameras? Any good business has eyes all over the facility. Excellent lighting ensures that any burglars need to think twice before deciding to hit the premises. Don’t compromise on security. If you don’t feel comfortable with a facility in this regard cross the spot off of your watch list.

Do a thorough walk-around to spot any security issues. Observe the locks on units. Are these sturdy and of professional grade? You’re likely storing hundreds or thousands of dollars in value – if not a higher number – and need to know that the facility takes security seriously. Check out the strength of the doors too. A hefty lock does you no good if someone can kick in a door with ease. Remember that thieves aren’t necessarily conducting an outside job. Other clients storing goods in the facility may be quick to seize an opportunity to pilfer other people’s stuff. Be vigilant in spotting security weaknesses to make an informed and confident decision.

Look for alert guards patrolling the grounds. Secure facilities may employ at least one or two guards to keep an eye on the grounds. It helps to have human eyes on storage units in addition to cameras scanning the grounds 24-7.

Fencing should be sturdy to deter burglars. Even if the facility is located in a safe area seeing barbed wire lining the fences gives you confidence.

Doing a thorough walk through is the easiest way to assess the safety and security from within the facility grounds.

Climate Issues

Documents, business goods and upholstered items may be at the mercy of the elements. Extreme heat and cold may play havoc with stored goods. Humid conditions can ruin your precious valuables. Ensure that the climate is controlled within the storage units. Facilities should be air conditioned during warm summer months and heated during cold winter months to keep your goods in optimal conditions.

Damp self-storage units are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. You can’t possibly sleep well at night knowing that the ravages of humidity are slowly destroying your treasured possessions. If you’re storing goods in a particularly humid environment take the time to verify that all valuables are stored in climate-controlled rooms.

Pests are another problem that needs to be addressed. Vermin can be eliminated through a series of strategies including keeping the grounds clean and free of prey items or food particles which may attract roaches, rats and other pests. Do your homework to ensure the facility has controls in place to tackle this problem.

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