5 Wedding Themes For A Spring Wedding

Getting married in the spring is a really perfect time for a wedding reception. Nature is about to blossom and there is so much love in the air that a wedding just makes it all seem perfect. Having a theme for your wedding is really important as it makes the planning just a little bit easier. If you are running out of ideas, then here are five great wedding themes for a spring wedding.

1. Blossoming Floral

As mentioned above, nature is really just about to blossom during springtime and thus a blossoming floral is a great theme for your wedding. Go for a pastel pink as the main colour and include plenty of flowers for your décor.

You should create your wedding menu around the seasonal products and herbs. This She Knows wedding food article has plenty of nice spring food ideas.

Have a band playing some lovely music such as jazz, for instance. If you can, then pick a venue that allows the guests to also spend some time outdoors.

2. Pretty Butterflies

You could also add some nice softness for your wedding by going with a lovely butterfly theme. Pick a nice colour such as a strong lilac and use little lilac butterflies in your decorations.

You can go with some of the above food ideas and really focus on creating the right look with the décor. You can include some nice games for the wedding and even release some real butterflies at the end.

3. A Farm Wedding

Spring is a busy time for farmers because they have to start preparing for the upcoming season. Therefore a farm wedding is a really nice theme idea to go with during springtime. You can make the venue look like a giant barn by using same hay decorations, for example.

Have a good hefty buffet with lots of meat products, homemade breads and cheeses. You can also include some proper homemade cider and wine for the wedding.

4. A Carnival Wedding

Carnivals always appear as soon as the weather warms up and this is a great theme option for a spring wedding. Carnival weddings are perfect when you use plenty of bright colours such as red and orange.

Create a nice carnival buffet with different finger foods. You can serve some hotdogs and cotton candy, for example. For entertainment it is a good idea to have some carnival games available and end the reception with a fireworks display. There are plenty of firework ideas for weddings at Fireworks Crazy, for example.

5. Seaside Blue

The sea comes alive during springtime as well and it can be a really great theme for your wedding. The colour blue is also really trendy at the moment and will be a nice central colour for your wedding.

You can bring the seaside to your wedding with little shell decorations. You can also create big centrepieces by using glass vases that have a bit of sand inside together with some lit candles.

Include a nice sea buffet for your wedding and have a band playing some classic sea music.

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