Attractions To Visit In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an internationally recognized tourist destination. Located in Nevada Vegas has many attractions from casinos to expeditions and tours around conservation areas and deserts. The city caters for all visitors from those with low budgets to high spenders. While in Vegas top attractions to visit include;


An amazing attraction in Vegas that consists of hotel, resort and casino that attracts many people who visit to experience what it has to offer.

-There is splendid fountain show that attracts many to this facility.

-There are art galleries and exhibitions for art lovers and people eager to learn and experience artworks from past and present.

-Casinos and other gaming venues available for enthusiasts and fans.

-Spa and massage parlours are in plenty in the facility to satisfy the needs of visitors.

-There is much to experience and enjoy in this facility that a tour of Vegas is incomplete without a visit to Bellagio.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Located several miles outside the city this protected area receives over a million visitors yearly eager to view and sample its many attractions.

-The area is home to hundreds of wild animals and unique birds that are quite an attraction to visitors.

-Visitors to the conservancy can picnic, take hike, view desert features and cliffs as well as experience desert environment.

-A quiet area conducive for recreation activities including weddings and a getaway from the busy city.

-Red Rock mountains within the conservancy is a great attraction among mountain climbers, hikers and sight-seeing fans.

-A favourite spot among tourists on adventure, joggers, rock climbers and other activities like horse riding.

Fremont Street Experience

A great tourist attraction in central Vegas.

-A mall consisting of blocks of shopping areas, restaurants, casinos, entertainment spots and other amenities.

-The facility hosts entertainment events and night life is quite an experience.

-Accommodation in the area is available and caters for diverse budgets of visitors.

-Explore the different amenities from casinos to hotels at reasonable rates to great entertainment and satisfaction while on tour.


Located in Boulevard area in northern Vegas this facility consists of a tower, hotels and casino.

-A major attraction to many visitors in the city due to unique facilities on offer that thrills and offers opportunities to strong willed to test their abilities and strength.

-Extreme rides popular with visitors in the facility include the sky jump, the big shot, the x- scream and the insanity.

-Exploring this site is an experience of a lifetime that should not be missed while on tour of the city.

Shark reef Aquarium

Part of Mandalay bay resorts and casino this facility is a huge attraction to visitors in Vegas.

-There are plenty of sharks, giant rays and unique water creatures to view as one enjoys cool environment.

-Explore underwater tunnels and other features in the facility.

-Several exhibitions are available for art lovers and learning experience.

-Enjoy pool experience and water sports. Combine this with other hotel and casino services.

There are other attractions to visit and explore. The city’s experience is unique and worth exploring. Visitors planning to tour the city from outside USA need to acquire ESTA to be allowed entry. Applied online and one requires a valid passport and visa card.