Top 5 Must-Visit Locations In Kowloon

If you’re planning a trip to Kowloon, Hong Kong, be prepared to be amazed at the sights, sounds, smells of the city! Being one of the most culturally diverse cities in Asia, Kowloon is the home to amazing food, tip-top shopping, majestic tourist spots and of course, the world’s best hospitality offered by its hotels. While walking and browsing through Kowloon, there’s a handful of things you can choose to do, depending on the time of day.  Thinking of walking through the market? Maybe you’re planning on relaxing in a 4 star hotel? Or maybe you and your loved one came to Kowloon to celebrate your honeymoon with world exclusive fine dining in the city’s top restaurants? There’s a lot to do for everybody here so let’s get to it then!

Shopping in the Heart of Kowloon

It comes to no surprise many people seem to enjoy shopping in foreign lands, thanks to the uniqueness of the on sale items and bargains that can’t be missed. Kowloon is home to many super mega malls such as Elements, Fashion Walk, apm, 1881 Heritage are just naming a few. What’s expected in these malls are sometimes high-end brand name items from the West or by local developed designers. But the main point of shopping is targeting shops that you can definitely haggle with. Since you are not able to haggle in shopping malls, the recommendation is to head over to shops on Nathan Road then walk over to Temple Street. Have you heard of the famous Temple Street Night Market? This market is known for having an array of items on sale: Tons of counterfeit, branded items to no-name clothes and bags. Perhaps you can pick up several toys for your children while you’re at it. Simply put: There’s definitely something for everybody when going there.

The Great Debate: Street Food or Hotel Food?

If you’re leaning more on the adventurous side, there’s an unlimited pool of street food available to you. Not far from Temple Street there’s, always a street filled with venders which sell amazing street food for take away. With so many tasty goodies to choose from delicious fried octopus legs, fried fish balls, ice milk tea (bubble tea), coconut milk, waffles and perhaps the famous of them all: Fried tofu. Apparently fried tofu is the best (and most recommended) local delicacy in Kowloon so you should definitely check it out. However, if you’re the conservative diner, there’s always returning to eating hotel food such as the Tasca Bar on Nathan Road. Expect top-notch and delicious cuisine here, prepared by seasoned chefs and professional cocktail mixers for your convenience.

Sights to See

If choosing the best spots to sightsee is giving you a migraine, fret no more! One of the most iconic and architectural structures in Kowloon is The Peak. Towering at 369 meters above sea level, it’s the city’s most iconic structure to date with a panoramic view of Kowloon, as well as hosting flamboyant entertainment venues against the city’s iconic backdrop. Of course, if you’re not afraid of dizzying heights, this place is sure to take your breath away!

Maybe if The Peak is too challenging for you and you want to feel grounded, why not head over to Hong Kong’s Ocean Park? Filled with hard to come by critters and creatures, the Ocean Park provides the perfect experience to get up close and personal to your beloved critters in the wild. It’s one of the recommended places to go to learn more about animals and how you can spread the conservation message to others simply by visiting here.

Next there’s Lamma Island, an island a ferry away which takes the shape of a Y. Considered to contain one of the earliest human settlements excavated and carbon dated to approximately 4000-3000 BC, Lamma Island continues to draw in large crowds of tourists to its untouched scenery.  With an estimated population of 6100 people, the island is slowly growing with tourists and people who choose to move there. Unfortunately, property prices continue to skyrocket in accordance with the demand of land and the push to transform Laama Island a commercial tourist hub.

Chris V. Lewis is an undergra with a diploma in Arts and Science and a BA in Communication Arts. One of his favorite things to do is traveling to Asia and learning more about its unique countries, food, customs and cultures.

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