How To Have A Career In Floristry

Without doubt becoming a florist is a big challenge, but it’s also one of the most rewarding and unique careers. It’s a job for all ages and for people with any type of working background. A career in floristry is for those people who love flowers, appreciate beauty and like being creative. Arranging flowers on a daily basis, being surrounded by plants and taking care of each fresh bloom is not for everyone – a great florist has to love their job. Another sign of a good florist is their hard and quick work. Having a flower shop is a big undertaking and there will be days when you won’t be able to sit even for a minute. There is a big demand for fresh and fragrant flowers on the big events and celebrations.

A florist has to be a good communicator and offer impeccable customer service. One cannot succeed in this business without regarding the needs of the clientele and taking into consideration each and every detail on the market of flowers. A florist has to listen to its clients and come up with new and creative ideas on a regular basis. This is what differentiates one florist from another – their imagination and innovative techniques. Moreover, a florist has to be a real psychologist and know the perfect flower for every occasion, type of person and taste. This way he can be a true assistant in the choice of a bouquet, arrangement or flower gift basket. A good florist will quickly realize that mastering the art of wedding flower decoration is one step further in the career which can bring a considerable reward. A florist has the rare opportunity to touch a person’s life by decorating a wedding ceremony and reception in the most beautiful and memorable way. A florist who’d like to stay in the business has to start building their portfolio and add new work constantly. Sometimes it takes years of work to become one of the top in the field and be renowned for what you do, but it’s worth the effort, the hard work and the time.

Don’t forget that a good florist has to be understanding and sympathetic. You will most probably make flowers arrangements for funerals too, so you need to be aware of what you are doing and do it quickly without too much conversation with the client. There is a time when talking to the client is absolutely essential and times when you need to work and just receive careful instructions.

A career in floristry is definitely a serious job and it includes a wide range of tasks, which are not so glamorous. You will have to unpack the stock as it arrives to the shop and then take care of all the inventory so it stays fresh and fragrant as long as possible. You have to water the plants and the flowers and provide the best conditions in the shop. You will need to display the flowers in an attractive way, determine the cost of each flower, flower filler, ribbon, wrapping paper and service. You have to answer the telephone, maintain a constantly updated website and in the meantime – attend to customers who come to the shop. You need to be quick when the client is rushing and you have to be able to do exactly what the client wants. You could grow the business by selling stuffed toys, small gifts, cards and other items which go hand in hand with a bouquet.

If you need help and advice you can always call experienced landscape and garden professionals to help you with a valuable tips and hints!