Tips For Picking A Hotel

Before you pull out your debit card to book a hotel room make sure you’ve covered the basics. Many frustrated travelers and tourists can share horror stories about rooms booked in haste. Whether the hotel was hours from the airport or in a less than reputable neighborhood the problem is rooted in rushed due diligence. Do the research leg work now to avoid a nightmare when you arrive at the hotel.

Find the Right Location

Nothing is more frustrating than booking a hotel which is 2 hours from the local airport. Before booking make sure you have nailed down a good location. Demand a close proximity to airports or bus terminals, restaurants and entertainment to save yourself time and money traveling to and from a hotel. Even though you may get a hot deal money-wise staying in a hotel off of the beaten path you’ll pay for the lack of convenience in time and headaches. You also may need to spend a small fortune paying for transport to and from tourist spots or transport hubs. Do yourself a favor. Book hotels by hot spots where you can grab a bite to eat, walk around town or travel easily to your next destination.

Make the Internet Your Friend

You no longer need to experience a hotel in person before getting a feel for the spot. With the internet you can get a glimpse into the appearance of the hotel as well as customer reviews. The web helps you research spots far and wide at the click of a mouse. Patiently sift through as much information as possible about the hotel. Does the dwelling seem to get favorable reviews? Or are people slamming the hotel for being unclean? Do your research to better understand what you’re getting into.

Gone are the days where you needed to spend a night at a hotel to form an opinion of the level of service and comfort inside the room. Many hotels have websites sharing imagery of the rooms, lobby and other aspects of the hotel. You can also discern hotel features by digging a little bit deeper on the website.

Dive into customer reviews. Some folks are admittedly negative nellies who are quick to offer scathing feedback over the smallest mistakes but the majority of reviewers offer fair, unbiased opinions. If you note most former customers offering positive feedback you’ve likely found a winner.


Are you staying in the hotel for a few weeks? Book a room in a hotel which offers breakfast as part of the package. You can chow down on a nutritious meal or in some cases you may have an unlimited buffet of foods to choose from. Having breakfast at the hotel can save you time and money wandering around town to find a good breakfast joint. Loading up on an unlimited buffet can help you feel full until mid or late afternoon.

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