Experience The Tranquillity and Charm Of Breezes Through Parasailing!

In case, you have a taste for exploring new things and carrying out adventurous deeds then you must not miss out the scope of parasailing near your city. The issue with the people of Bangalore is that they think adventurous activities can be carried out in other corners of the world only. However, the truth is that Bangalore has plenty of options for you if you are an Adventurous buff.

Come on, you can actually do parasailing in Bangalore! Yes, you heard it absolutely right. Talking about parasailing, it is an exciting aero adventure sport organized in various places of Bangalore. It is undoubtedly true that parasailing is one of the most trending adventure sports that is getting a huge attention from adventure sport admires. The entire process is as simple as a participant gettingharnessed to parasail, a modified parachute. Once it is done, a parasail is then towed into wind with the assistance of a vehicle. The parasailer is now afloat in air and also directs parasail carefully in the manner he was instructed to do. The take-off, sailing and the landing procedure is constantly kept under proper control. A parasailer will just have to get used to the handling of sail while up in air.

Not Good at Organizing Adventures?

Well, hang on, if you have no idea where to get started for your first parasailing experience in Bangalore then nothing can be better than becoming a part of a parasailing activity organized for adventurous enthusiasts.

Parasailing at Jakkur

If you have any day free till 27th August 2017th, you can have the most of this Parasailing at Jakkur setting. Yes, Hanka Adventure Sports and Aviation Services are organizing Parasailing sessions for the interested adventure buffs in town. The purpose is to allow the participant to enjoy the ultimate fun experience of this exciting and thrilling sport. Don’t worry, proper safety measures are taken for the attendees and there will be a professional approach.

A proper detailed pre-sailing briefing is done for all the participants by the instructor while preparing parasailer for the sport. However, the whole procedure is kept under control so that the participant can have a wonderful hassle-free experience in the air. Talking about the venue, Jakkur Aerodrome Premises, it is completely suitable for the sport with roomy spots for set-up.

A Quick Takeaway

For those of you who aspire for soaring like a kite {even if it is just for a few minutes}, a parasailing adventure is perfect. In case being swept off your feet is your way of a wonderful time, then Jakkur Aerodrome’s parasailing experience is the thing for you. You are going to be attached to a parasail {a parachute), which in turn will safely be tethered to a jeep. Then, once vehicle begins to move and the participant picks up wind, he will gradually start to lift upwards. Much like a kite, one will soon be flying into the clouds. Once you get your heartbeat and breathe in place, open your eyes and see down at the picturesque sights of city. Or how about enjoying the tranquility and silence around while you are up in the air? Just imagine, at a height of two hundred to three hundred feet above ground for around three minutes. Indeed, a perfect adventurous time!


So, are you up for a total adventurous deed? Go grab an experience today!