Advantages and Disadvantages Of Working from Home

Working from home is new trend that is emerging every single day. Working from home gives you the best of both worlds. In the economic conditions of today’s world, home offices play a very large part when it comes to a country’s productive growth. However, it provides lots of advantages as well disadvantages like working from the office does. With this increasing trend, it is important that we start recognizing both the benefits and problems of working from home. It is especially important to take these factors in your notice when you are going to start your own office from your home.


  • You can avoid the tiresome commute every day. You can avoid it religiously and even when you are taking an office space for rent in Pune, where you can work like you would have done in your home; make sure that you are renting the space somewhere near your house so that your ultimate goal of not wasting your time in travelling can be achieved.
  • You can stay close to your family and attend everything important related to them without compromising on your work. And nothing is nicer than having dinner every day at home with your loved ones by your side.
  • You can work at your own pace when you work from your home. You can manage all your household chores and your work within your own timing. It is very much flexible when you work from home.
  • You can eat more healthy foods in your own kitchen and can save a lot of money on food and commute when you work from your home. You stay healthy and become more economical in the process. It is also stress free to work from the comforts of your own personal space.
  • You don’t have to deal with the office dramas and politics created by bosses and coworkers. If you are an introvert, then it is a real bliss for you to avoid any kids of conflict while working from home.


  • You will have to work in isolation so no amount of healthy competition will grow around you. It can cause you to lose motivation at times and make you less productive.
  • There will be several kinds of distraction while working from home like the children can disturb you, the maid can cause distractions, and the neighbors can be annoying.
  • There will be no social bonding when you will work from home. It is not good for anyone to stay detached from others.
  • As there will be no one to look after you all the time similarly you might get distracted and doesn’t cope up with deadlines. You will need to maintain your very own schedule with a high sense of self discipline.

Before you start your own office space in pune, look at these points once again and make sure you weigh all the pros and cons of this situation before starting this venture. Make sure that the advantages are more for you than the disadvantages so that you can start by creating a healthy office environment in your own home and, then you don’t have to look back ever.