Can Work Environments Affect Staff Morale?

It would be a huge oversight to ignore the impact that our places of work can have on us both as effective employees and individuals. If we break down a standard 24 hour period most of us will spend a third of the time asleep, a third of it doing our own thing but the other third will be spent at work. When that work takes place in an office it is no surprise to find that the nature of that environment can have a big impact on us.

Internal Environments Illustrate Your Commitment to Employee Engagement

The environments within which we work can be a telling reflection on how seriously our employers take our welfare at work and levels of engagement. Employee engagement is key for boosting and maintaining high levels of productivity which can be related to how valued each employee feels. Everything from the decorations and furnishings of surroundings, the facilities provided and the equipment and resources each employee needs to do their job to the best of their abilities can affect how staff feel at work; so it is important to get it right. Creating the ideal work space won’t always be quick to achieve and it may require lots of planning and consultation. However, it is surprising how even just the knowledge of future improvements can boost morale before they take effect.

External Environments Can be a Great Boost

Location can be a prime factor in positioning your business effectively in the eyes of your clients and potential clients but it can also be a great boost for staff morale. Few people relish the prospect of each day’s commute to work but knowing that you are heading to an exciting, or peaceful or vibrant location can be all the incentive some people need. Some people prefer a drive out to a remote rural location while others want to be at the centre of where it’s all happening. Some employees may even try and steer their career by aiming for where they want to work rather than just who they want to work for. Imagine wanting to be at the centre of a thriving city but also relishing the prospect of being immersed in history every day you go to work. Add into the mix that you’d quite like a waterfront view and you might think you’ve asked for too much. Yet office space EC3 would deliver on every requirement.

Moving offices can be a time of disruption for some whereas for others it can be an exciting time of change. However you handle your move will help determine the outcomes for staff. A great way to get staff engaged with an impending move can be to ask them for their suggestions on how to decorate and fit out a new location. Carrying out workstation assessments to ensure staff are able to work in comfort is an essential part of ensuring workspaces are fit for purpose. They will ensure that staff have the right equipment to do their jobs and will also highlight any health and safety issues which may impact on the employee.

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