5 Problems Faced by Social Workers

Social workers are faced with a myriad of issues. Assisting clients who are experiencing a wide range of personal and professional problems is a challenging venture. Factor in the inevitable emotional attachments workers form with clients and you have a recipe for a potential disaster.

No matter how much you try to detach from work it’s impossible to leave work-related stress completely behind when you head home for the night. Knowing why you want to be a social worker is not enough. You need to identify common problems to better deal with these issues instead of ignoring these new challenges.

Engaging in social work provides you with a fulfilling, enriching career if you learn how to effectively embrace and treat work-related problems.

Technology Issues

Online addictions are plaguing both young and old people in this internet age. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a few sites which can create an unhealthy, addictive pull in the minds of unbalanced people. Social workers are facing new challenges in helping clients with internet addictions. Workplace technology is also placing a bigger burden on the shoulders of social workers who are uncomfortable using electronic documentation for coding and diagnosis.

Older Patients

An aging population is facing increased challenges of declining health and flagging economy. When prior generations were preparing to cruise into the sunset to enjoy their golden years current seniors are forced to deal with stressful situations. Social workers who assist an older demographic need to improve their financial IQ to address these pressing issues in addition to providing typical support services.

Severe Stress

Dealing with stressed, depressed or angry people can elevate your stress levels. Social workers would be wise to seek out counseling from professionals. Facing client-related issues while embracing normal day to day anxieties can be an overwhelming proposition for even veteran social workers. Coaches need coaches in any professional niche. See a therapist once every 1 to 2 weeks to promote your peace of mind and overall health.

Rampant Bullying

The advent of social media sites like Facebook makes it easier for bullies to pester children. These online communities give kids access to bullying victims. Social working professionals have become more adept at helping bullying victims but doing so requires honing a new, every changing skill set. Being ridiculed and made to feel worthless can lead to destructive practices or even suicide. Not only adolescents and kids are the victims of bullying. Sexual exploitation and child abuse can occur in the home while work place harassment is another form of bullying. Social workers are under pressure to identify and treat cases of modern day bullying in multiple environments.

Economic Downturn

Once prospering individuals are finding themselves in dire straits. Former employees with excellent jobs are living on government assistance or visiting local soup kitchens as economic situations remain uncertain. As an increasing number of clients find themselves in difficult financial circumstances social workers are increasing their workload and skill sets. More people will use social agencies as a last resort with a flagging economic environment and fewer employment opportunities.

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