Perfect Placement: 4 Tips To Find The Right Office

Whether you are leasing or purchasing a property, relocating offices or looking to start a new business, there are many important factors that you need to consider before you choose your office space. Your business will benefit if you get the basics right such as choosing an office with adequate space, while still creating a practical and welcoming environment for employees and clients.

We put together 5 tips to help you find the right office space.

1. Think about the Space

When you are looking for the perfect office space, you must know exactly what you need. Particularly, you need to think about the space that your business requires. Often when you are looking at offices, an empty space might cause you to misjudge the space available so you might want to make a few calculations and take a few measurements. Consider how many employees you will work in the space, how many desks you will have and what other office furniture will fill the space. You should also think about how practical the space is such as whether it is on one level, have separate offices or boardrooms available and if there is an adequate reception area if necessary.

2. Choose the Location Wisely

The location of your office space is a very important aspect of your business. You might be tempted to take a cheaper office space in a less desired area, however you need to think about how accessible your office is for employees and for clients. If your company is reliant on walk-in clients or customers, you might like to position your office in an active business district where lots of people will see your office.  Furthermore, if your business frequently requires deliveries, consider what the delivery costs would be as a result of your location.

3. Consider Parking

Before you sign a lease or even purchase a business space, think about the parking available. In the fist instance, if your business is reliant on customers or clients visiting your office, there needs to be sufficient parking available for them. You should also think about your employees and whether or not they would have parking spaces available. Alternatively, consider whether there is public and secure parking nearby. Of course, you might also like to deliberate how easily accessible your office is to employees and clients who are reliant on public transport.

4. The Right Environment

Whether you are in a creative industry or not, the environment of the office is vital for establishing a good work ethic. If your office has favourable views, you might find that the appeal of your office increases, and that your employees might be happier and ultimately more productive in their work. If possible, you should try to choose an office that lets in a lot of natural light and is located in a good neighbourhood. Not only will your employees benefit from a good environment, your clients will probably also be happier and ultimately your business will benefit from a good, positive environment.

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Ashton Wright is a business ethics consultant from Melbourne. Although he travels a lot for work, he’s been looking at moving his head office. After hearing about Tim Green Commercial, he thinks finding his new office space might be a lot easier than he imagined.

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