Prepare For The Theory Test And Learn How To Drive Safely

Safe drive will save lives. It is highly recommended for all the drivers to learn the basic highway codes. If you are new on the road, your first hurdle is to pass the Theory test followed by the Practical test. These days, there are various agencies that provide official learning materials.

Theory Test Is Vital

There are a lot of rules that you need to know before you hit the road. It is better if you sincerely sit for the test and clear it in the very first attempt. If you pass your theory test at the first shot, it will help you to save your time as well as your money.

Parts of The Test

Basically there are two parts of the test:-

  • Multiple Choice Part
  • Hazard Perception Part

Multiple Choice Test Preparation

The Multiple Choice test is conducted from following the books:-

  • The Official Highway Codes :-

The Official Highway Codes is a must read. When you are driving, you are bound to obey the rules mentioned under The Official Highway Codes. If you happen to break the rules and the codes, then you will be fined, penalized, and in the most serious case you may be imprisoned.

  • DVSA essential Tests :-

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency publishes books based on important skills that you require on road. The books offer everything you need to know about safe driving or riding skills. The books are available online as well as in street book shops.

  • It is essential to know your traffic Signs :-

It is very much important for all the drivers to have a proper knowledge about the traffic signs. It helps to direct, control and inform pedestrian’s behavior.

Traffic Signs consists of three basic parts:

  • Order giving signs
  • Warning signs
  • Information giving sings

What is Hazard Perception Test?

In Hazard Perception Test Learners are made to watch hazardous perception test video clips. This test is filmed from the viewpoint of a passenger car driver. From the clips you will have to observe hazardous developing incident (i.e. some incident where the driver is required to adjust speed or direction), and will have to touch the screen or just simply click the mouse button.

They will provide 2 videos on hazard perception. The first one will be about one hazard developing, and the other clipping will be about 2 such instances. Pass marks for motorcyclists and car drivers are 44 out of 75. For LGV and PCV drivers will have to score 67 out of 100 in order to secure the pass marks.

How to Book and Sit for your Driving Theory Test?

When you are prepared and ready to sit for the test you can simply book your test at the local test center or you can simply visit to clarify your doubts regarding the theory test.

Receiving your Results

Your results will be declared soon after you have completed the theory test. If you have cleared the test successfully, then you’ll receive a letter along with your pass certificate number mentioned on it. Do not lose it because you’ll need the number when you appear for your practical test.

Validity of your test certificate is for two years. If you fail in your theory test, you will have to wait for at least three working days before you can repeat it. If you happen to lose your letter, you visit GOV.UK. website where you will find a lost pass certificate number .