3 Tips For Beefing Up Your Online Marketing Campaign

Running a successful online marketing campaign takes ingenuity and a certain level of boldness. Being creative and direct makes you stand out from the online crowd. Work a few specific channels persistently to beef up your campaign. Never forget the marketing Golden Rule; giving is better than receiving.  Share value and promote others to become an internet marketing dynamo.

Whether you want to increase your marketing reach with display advertising or improve your free marketing campaign you can use a few tools to spread the word effectively.

Use Social Media

Use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus to establish relationships with your target audience. Build trust by connecting with brand advocates through social media sites. Establish transparency by sharing the benefits of working with your company as well as successes and failures your organization may have experienced.

Instead of trying to create a flawless, spotless image simply be real and honest. Keep updates positive but be sure to share the human side of your brand. Being real helps people connect with your business. Once the connection is established create massive value by sharing helpful content with your social media followers.

Social works for engaging businesses. Ask questions and share answers to establish trust. People want to know that you’re listening closely to their hopes, problems and dreams.

Grow an Email List

Build a sizeable, targeted email list to strengthen your online marketing campaign. Email is an intimate, convenient marketing channel through which you can form strong bonds with customers. Capture subscriber information through opt in forms on your blog and capture page. Email timely newsletters frequently to share value with your audience.

Email marketing works for the patient entrepreneur. Don’t make the common mistake of pitching your list to death. Subscribers will opt out quickly if you have nothing to offer but sales pitches. Offer something valuable to make your emails special.

Share industry secrets, tips and insights through blog posts, videos and podcasts. Send out email broadcasts with multiple forms of content and bright, shiny images to appeal to your audience.

Email frequency may vary according to your niche. If you run an online business consider sending out multiple emails weekly since you likely have plenty of topics to chat about and content to create. If you run a knitting business you may not have as many content ideas to flesh out. Consider weekly newsletters or perhaps one every 2 weeks to keep your subscribers updated.

Run a Content Rich Blog

Many online marketers fear publishing a content rich blog due to work load constraints. Putting in work time on the front end yields tremendous returns in the long run. You own your self-hosted WordPress blog real estate. While email service providers own the medium through which you transmit your newsletters and autoresponder services own your lists you own your self-hosted blog outright. You may not own social media sites but you can publish just about anything on your blog if you adhere to their terms of service.

Knowing this you can opening brand yourself and publish as much helpful content as humanly possible through blogging. Publish daily updates to bolster your online marketing campaign.

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