BhashSMS – Making Bulk SMS Viable

In a current gadget world, more than 60% of people own amobile. SMS is the most popular and easiest communication method. The rise oftext message can be attributed to its low cost and ease of use. Almost all companies, marketing media, banks, and consumer brands are depending on SMS to
send alerts, reminders, marketing info etc., and that is where Bulk messagingcomes into picture. Bulk messaging lets you deliver SMS messages to mobilehandsets almost anywhere in the world. BhashSMS is a company which providesquality bulk SMS service at reasonable price and fastest reach. We can gain acompetitive advantage by streamlining business processes, reducing costs,
increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.

Best thing about BhashSMS is, we don’t have to install anysoftware to use the service. We can access BhashSMS website from any browser oflaptop, desktop or mobile and create an account. After creating an account,it’s very easy to use bulk messaging service as the user interface is very easyto follow.

BhashSMS is one of the biggest messaging service providersin India now. It offers different kinds of messaging services like, Transactional SMS:These types of SMS’ are used for providing customers minute tominute updates about their online purchase. These messages include informationand status of their products, for example: If the product has been dispatchedor shipped etc and even tracking information. BhashSMS provides this service ataffordable prices.

Marketing SMS:The use of man power is reducing day by day in marketingfield due to the influence of online marketing strategy either using computeror phones. With BhashSMS we can send quick and effective Marketing SMS messagesto all our clients and customers.

Business SMS:

If we are going to start a new business, then we woulddefinitely need a help of bulk messaging media to promote our products andservices. BhashSMS is a perfect solution for all our business needs.

Promotional SMS:

We can promote your products, services or website with a fewclicks. We can send promotional messages to multiple phone numbers in Indiausing BhashSMS promotional SMS gateway. And with the advent of unlimitedmessaging service plans with low cost, texting has become the mode of communication to promote our business.

BhashSMS provides bulk SMS service across all locations in India. You can visit the offices of Bhash SMS in Delhi (for Bulk SMS in Delhi) or any city close to you.

BhashSMS is a very useful marketing tool, easy to use andoffers exceptional services at reasonable prices. It can be used fromindividuals to small business owners, bloggers, entrepreneurs, companies,websites and many other people. We can even schedule SMS or a group of messagesfor future delivery. And there is no limit in number of SMS’s being scheduled.  As mobile apps are taking a lead in market,they can also use BhashSMS for sending alerts and reminders as people can’tstick to internet all the time. This will help us spread the word instantly andwithout costing a fortune. I would recommend BhashSMS service for you all whoare looking for a reliable Bulk SMS provider at sensible costs. Their websiteis really user friendly one as they explain clearly about the website in FAQsection which I liked most.