How To Buy A Bed

Are you in the market for a new bed? Before you start shopping online or offline keep a few ideas in mind. Beds are significant investments in both a financial and wellness sense. You’ll likely be spending at least $1000 to make your new buy. Since you spend about 1/3 of your life sleeping and recuperate during these rest periods buying a quality bed contributes mightily to your overall health and wellness.

Demand a 30 Day Trial Period

Make sure you’re happy with your new bed. Demand a 30 day trial period to get a feel for the mattress. Taking the mattress for a 20 minute test ride/lay in the showroom will not give you enough to work off of. You may feel comfortable during your test drive but sleeping on a mattress for 8 hours each night over a 30 day period tells you if you’ve found your match. Never buy a bed without this guarantee in place. It takes roughly 4 weeks to break in a bed. After the 30 day period you’ll know how the mattress will really feel for the next few years.

10 Years Is the Limit

If you want to get the most out of your mattress turn in your bed after 10 years. Even though you may be emotionally attached to your bed your back and neck may not appreciate your unwillingness to let the mattress go. Beds lose their springiness after a set period. If you are having your new bed delivered you can simply have your new bed picked up.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

Don’t make an unwise financial decision when wowed by bells and whistles. You’ll be paying $1000 or more to buy a quality king-sized bed. With add ons you may be investing $4000 or more in a bed. Remember that going heavily into debt may cause a heavy financial and emotional strain. Even though your health and wellness takes precedence it makes little sense to break your budget for a bed. If you have severe back or neck problems or suffer frequently from insomnia consider buying a quality bed and making small monthly payments over a long period of time. The investment for such people is well worth it.

Test Drive

Lay on the bed for 10 to 20 minutes in the store. Get a feel for how the bed complements your body. Never buy a bed until you’ve relaxed on it for a few minutes. Remember that if you don’t like how the bed feels in the store you won’t like it at home. Many folks erroneously believe that they’ll enjoy the bed once they rest on it in a home setting. Lay on the bed just how you’d lay on it in your home. Whether you rest on your back or stomach recreating your normal sleeping style will help you find the perfect match.

Inquire into Low Profile Box Springs

These box springs make a bed about a half foot lower to the ground than traditional box springs. In most cases you’ll need to make a special request for a low profile box spring.You’ll also be buying a frame to support your mattress. Plan on spending between $50 to $100 on the frame.