Tips For Safe Social Media Use

Minimize the risk of being a victim of cyber or offline crime by being a safe social media user. Limit the amount of information you share online to keep your social circles tight and personal, sensitive information secure. Unblock social sites using an intelligent approach and hang with positive people to be a responsible, informed and safe social media user.

Don’t Share Sensitive Information

Avoid sharing sensitive information on sites like Facebook, twitter and Google Plus. Most social media profile breaches or identify theft related to social sites originates with users sharing their phone number, email address or home address on social media sites.

As a rule, if you would only share a piece of information with your closest, most trusted of friends don’t share it on social media websites. Few people would share their home or cell phone number with anybody outside a select group of family and close friends. Naturally, you’d never want to share this sensitive data with people who might turn around and attempt to steal your identify.

If you’re vacationing never give out the specific location of your vacation spot or home address. Savvy local users – both criminals in your home neighborhood, or close by, as well as thieves in your vacation getaway spot – could check social sites, see that you’re out of your home or room and break in without a worry.

Be smart. Share a minimum amount of information on social media websites to secure your online accounts and to make your identify tough to steal.

Use a Smart DNS Proxy to Unblock Websites

Smart DNS Proxy offers a service to unblock websites like Twitter and Facebook if your ISP is blocking these websites. Cruise social sites in a secure, safe fashion. Your internet service provider may block social sites for any number of reasons. Instead of using unsecured, risky methods to access these websites simply use Smart DNS Proxy to log in to Facebook and twitter. Leave the shady internet cafes behind and cruise social in the comfort of your own home.

Hang in the High Energy Circles

This one seems simple to understand but many unwise or inexperienced people find trouble by hanging with the wrong social media crowd. Just like you probably wouldn’t expect to find the best folks walking on the street at 2 AM you’re likely to run into some low energy, trouble-making individuals in certain Facebook Groups or on specific twitter lists. Trolls, hackers and flat out cyber criminals are but a few of the online baddies you want to avoid to have a safe social media experience.

Joining in groups which promote hate crimes or pornography instantly aligns you with a low energy, dangerous element. Move into higher circles. Seek out positive, successful and happy people. Join Facebook Groups filled to the brim with positive folks and follow high energy twitter streams to avoid mixing with the wrong social media element.

Visit to unblock social media sites like twitter and Facebook.

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