Why Not Use Cooler Bags As Your Promotional Material

During good old days, you had to carry your ice chest, while going to beach during any summer weekends, so that you can have chilled beer or any cold drinks. Those days are gone now. Though some of the older people still carry their ice chest, a better option is available in the form of cooler bags that are easily portable and very convenient to carry as well today. Therefore, why not use these cooler bags as an effective marketing tool by providing such cooler bags to your customers. They can take such bags while going for camping, spending time in the beach or while going for picnicking.

Cooler bag technology

Originally the ice chest that was used during olden days was made of galvanized metal material. After few years these ice chests were available in the market that was made of hard plastic. Such ice chest was constructed by using double walled material where a layer of dense Styro foams were placed in between so that it can help in keeping the material within the enclosure cool. The ice chest that you get today also made in almost the same way.

As an insulator styro foam is very effective material however you need to use relatively thicker material so that internal temperature inside the chest can be maintained for longer duration. Also, it was noticed that styro foam can easily get broken or dented and hence it has to be encapsulated inside the harder shell to that it remains protected against breakage. This ice chest needs to be quite rigid in construction.

However, printed cooler bags that are used nowadays are not so rigid. Instead of that such bags are made out of flexible but heavy fabrics and hence polyester is used on the outside layer. The inner par of this cooling bag has a layer of heavy duty foil in between the internal and external layers. There are layers of material which are like flexible foam.

These flexible foams are thin however quite dense and also, they have the property to keep the internal temperature well maintained for longer hours. By using this technology you can create a bag that is not only flexible and thin but also quite easy to transport. Therefore, these cooler bags can be manufactured in many different shapes and sizes. This was not possible few years back by using traditional items.

Promotional cooler bags can be much convenient to use

There are few suppliers are making these promotional cooler bags in many different sizes and shapes. They can also be used for many different purposes. You can use these bags for carrying your lunch for school going children or any person who is going for work. If you are planning for any picnic in the beaches or want to carry number of beverages for good numbers can prefer to use them for carrying your foods which can also be stored for number of days.

Besides that, such cooler bags are much lighter in weight and can be easily transported. They are available in number of designs where there is a provision to carry your cell phones or keys too.