EaseUS Partition Master Professional For The IT Personnel

Partitioning a hard drive is included in the process of building up a computer from the scratch. By building up, we mean making it ready for operation – not exactly what building from a scratch means. However, most computer users get their hard drives partitioned by the vendor at the time of purchasing. Hence, most of them never learn how to slice up a disk, adjust the spaces in them or format a drive. To make the whole task easier, there are computer troubleshooting personnel who do these jobs for money, and use some professional software to perform the tasks. EaseUS Partition Master Professional is one variant of the very same partition manager, especially intended for the hard drive related professionals. The software is basically the same as the Partition Master Free version, only more advanced features are enabled in the software interface.

Little Bit about EaseUS Partition Master

Initially, the software was developed to act as an alternative to the Partition Magic for Windows 7 software. Later on it became so popular and many people took EaseUS Partition Master for their auxiliary hard drive partition utility. The tool offers everything a partition manager is supposed to have. The most basic features are available in the free version, and the professional version offers advanced features with a license that enables the professionals to repair and manage as many hard drives as they want.

Manage GPT Disks

One major aspect of the EaseUS Partition Master is – it can resize the GPT disks without any restriction. The free version offers this feature in limited scale, whereas the professional version is totally allowed to make any modification to the GPT disk table.

Wondering what GPT is? It’s basically a partition table, abbreviated to describe GUID Partition Table in short. The old school partition table we have been introduced with is called MBR and it’s pretty much the default table for all hard drives since 1980s. Since 2010, GPT had been used in many large scale data storages and it’s a new standard for the UEFI specification.

Windows partition manager provides restricted operability on GPT disks. Whereas, with EaseUS Partition Master Professional working with GPT is just like partitioning any other hard drive.

The Wizard Mode

Wizards lend their hands in trouble, when regular operational modes can’t do enough. Not talking about the wizards with a hat and a wand, rather this is the Wizard mode in EaseUSPartition Master Professional. The wizard mode can copy an entire disk, or the partition table and structure, and one click cloning of hard drives for upgrades.

The wizard mode operates on the GPT disks as well.


To be very precise, there are 5 versions of the EaseUS Partition Master. Free, Professional, Server, Unlimited and Technician are the official versions, costing respectively free, $39.95, $159, $399 and $699.


Anything hard drive partition related, EaseUS Partition Master has a solution for it. Just pick the appropriate version and know what the required action is – let the software do the rest.

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