How will a better thumbnail get your video more views?

When making a video and uploading it to any website, there is only one thing the creator looks for, the number of views he can get from his videos and reach audiences. This is extremely important, as the number of people who watch his video can give him the necessary feedback and whether they should continue creating the same type of videos on a regular basis.

The road to getting views and establishing a community online may be tougher than it sounds. Not everyone starts out and becomes popular immediately. It takes a long time, with constant uploads and sharing, eventually, your videos will get the likes and views it deserves.

One way to speed up the process is by putting the best and most creative thumbnails you could make. You could also share the customized YouTube to Facebook thumbnail and appeal to a much bigger audience. The question now remains what is a thumbnail and how do you go on about making the best possible one?

A thumbnail is a picture which is the first glimpse of the video itself and clicking on the said picture will direct you to a link of the video. Its importance is vital, as the picture is the first thing any user will see and make his judgement based on that. If the said thumbnail seems interesting or enticing enough, the user will more than likely click on the picture. But it is not just uploading one picture which gets the job done, the thumbnail needs to have certain elements in order to maximise reach.

Here we look at certain things a thumbnail should incorporate in order to get maximum views

  • Bright and clear pictures: We all appreciate a good and detailed picture; therefore you should not compromise on the quality of your thumbnail, and take only the best possible pictures. It would also help if you recorded the video on the highest possible settings, so you can take interesting screen grabs for your thumbnail.
  • Action shots and drone shots: these shots can be taken off the video, if you record it in the highest possible quality, since these images are something which we do not see with the naked eye quite often, it is enticing to look at them and sure enough create an intrigue to click on the videos.
  • Face shots and titling: using the face of your subject can often lead to more views on your videos, as humans find faces more trustworthy and thus end up watching the videos. Features such as eyes and smiles should always be highlighted and put on thumbnails. The usage of a good title also plays the same role, as long as the title is suggestive or interrogative, it can grab the user’s attention and in order to satisfy his curiosity, they will be forced to watch the videos and get their answers.

A customized YouTube thumbnail can also help your reach much wider audiences, ones which aren’t even present in your target audience. A thumbnail is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a video.