Make Sure Of Your Knowledge With The Most Authentic Astrologer In Town

Human beings have typically a weak point towards astrology and they start relating them in their own way with their personal lives. One name that is spontaneously attached to this world of astrology in New York is Maralyn Burstein who originally belonged to the community of Hassidic Jews  and was primarily a resident of Poland. As she lost her mother, she returned to Washington DC and accompanied her old grandmother while continuing the academic pursuits.

She completed her graduation and also post graduation from the highly esteemed George Washington University and her high school form the Interlochen Arts Academy, Michigan. Her great passion for music led her to pursue a comprehensive course from the INTERLOCHEN which comprised of voice, piano and violin. Her love for arts and aesthetics dragged her to attain another special course on literature and poetry from the Goddard College, Vermont. It is from these college days when she started finding interest in Astrology.

And finally when she completed her Masters degree, she decided to learn some Western Astrology. She started buying some of the seminal works in Astrology published in England and started learning them. It is then when she experienced the profoundness in the field. While expressing her views, Maralyn Burstein says that the exclusive and scholarly articles in these books not just thrilled her body and soul but also compelled her to undertake an invigorating study of the subject.

As decided, she enrolled herself in one of the premier school for the astrologers, the Faculty of Astrological Studies located in England and completed her PhD. She delved into knowing the Vedic Astrological world and went deep down the Indian Astrology. No leaves were left unturned, no stones were left in rest for the moss to be gathered. She came in touch with some of the renowned men in her life and was extremely lucky to have Gurus/teachers like Brendan Feeley, Dr. Charak, Nandan Chirmilay, Hart deFouw who not just imparted their knowledge to her but also taught how to keep this eternal quest carried on within. It was K.N. Rao, the renowned astrologer from the land of myths and stories, who awarded the title of ‘SHAKTIPAT’ to Maralyn Burstein.

She has a record number of clients not only from the NY City, but also from different states of the US. And his wide range of clientèle includes the names of big political leaders, ministers, celebrities, actors, singers, businessmen, share market agents, general couples to young lovers. Most of these people who meet her are entrepreneurs and look forward to know whether their decision in the respective fields of stock market, corporate business world or any legal matters are worthy enough or not. Maralyn Burstein is also an expert in comparing matrimonial charts and ensures her clients about the chance of future compatibility which is a great concern for many parents.

Her dealings with the big stock market clients are available on numerous social networking sites which speaks a lot of her success. She even achieved the certificate of ‘Horary Craftsman’ from John Frawley which is given to only those who’ve completed the astrology course carried under him. She’s widely available on social media and makes no compromise in offering super class expenses.

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