What To Look For In A Trucking Company

Price isn’t the only factor you should take into account if you’re picking a trucking company. Gauging the reliability of a company along with other factors like safety records, licensing and insurance should weigh heavily in the decision making process.

Trucking companies operate in a highly competitive industry. The most reliable, reputable shippers can be identified through a disciplined due diligence campaign. Spend serious time and thought comparing prices and performance to make an informed, confident decision which benefits your business.

Since your reputation as a business owner is as much on the line as your shipper you’ll only want to use the services of the most trusted companies.

Effective Tracking

RFID and GPS tracking allow business owners to track their precious parcels effectively. Demand access to a dependable tracking system before you use a trucking company’s services to move your freight.  Customers should be able to check in on real-time data via a company database which keeps them abreast of their cargo’s movements.

Security is another factor which comes into play if you use a company which offers RFID tracking. Tags can ensure that only fully authorized truckers are hauling items from the terminal. Inquire into how trucking companies track shipments and how you can gain access to this critical information.

Equipment Check

Delays are the likely effect of a trucking company with poorly-maintained equipment. Check the day to day operations of an organization up close and personal if you’re allowed to do so. Since the transportation logistics industry is a competitive niche only hire a trucking company which shows you that they’re running a tight ship.

All equipment should be up to your standards and the operation should run smoothly if you plan to use this company. Pay particular attention to equipment if you’re shipping goods which require refrigeration. One simply malfunction can wipe out a full load of perishables.

Insurance may cover the cost of the spoiled shipment but the damage inflicted upon your reputation as well as lengthy delays in sending out a second shipment could do irreparable harm to the relationship you have with your customer.

Check door locks, driver access to cargo, documentation procedures and other security steps in place if you are shipping high end items. Know that your luxury items are safe and secure before hiring a company to handle the shipment.

Inquire into References

Check for references from the trucking company. If you can get references from business owners in your same niche even better. Assess their track record. Make sure from former or present customers that the claims and positive testimonials offered via the company’s website or print advertisements are in fact true. Ask around to gain a better understanding of how the trucker exceeded expectations to gain greater confidence in your decision.

Review Documentation

Trucking companies should meet license and insurance requirements before handling your cargo.  Make sure the licensing and insured required applies to all regions and countries through which your shipment will move.  Review safety records of potential trucking companies through state or federal transportation agencies.

Comparing the driving records of multiple trucking companies can help you pick the best fit for your shipping needs.

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