4 Smart Tips For Purchasing An Automobile

Develop a sound game plan for being a car. Whether you are buying a new or used automobile you’ll need to assess your needs and work factor in all expenses to ensure the car fits into your budget.

Scrutinize Dealership Financing

Just because financing is offered by a dealership doesn’t make it the best option for you.  Dealers are aware of the average car buyer’s impatience. Dealers usually get a set commission or rate on the car loans they set up.  Don’t be in a hurry to sign up for a loan through the dealership as some sales people may offer a sweet rate at the signing but the fine print may indicate that the final rate is dependent on the loan approval.

Work Off of a Budget

Choose cars you can afford before going shopping. Consider spending no more than 20% of your income on car payments. Factor in car insurance, gas costs and the monthly car loan payment to arrive at a figure. Even though you may desire the latest model luxury car you may need to zero in on a simpler, basic car for your needs.

Do you need to commute a long distance to work each day? Or will you be using the car mainly to drop your kids off at the school and to run small, local errands? Answer these questions honestly to find the right car for you and your family.

Used or New?

Will a new or used car best suit you? Although a late model version may be more attractive to you buying a used car will likely save you money. You can choose from a wide selection of affordable, stylish cars by going the used route.

Buying used has a few drawbacks. You aren’t aware of the vehicle history and you may be paying a higher interest rate. Also expect a shorter warranty period for a used car.

New cars will have no vehicle history but you’ll get less bang for your buck versus buying a used car.  You’ll receive lower interest rates, and in many cases free roadside assistance and maintenance as well as a full warranty.

Take a Thorough Test Drive

Getting a feel for the car requires you to take the vehicle for a thorough test drive. Don’t rush through the process. Think of all imaginable scenarios before you go to the dealership.

A simple 10 minute ride through local traffic and a quick highway lap won’t cut it. Spend 60 minutes or more taking the car through its paces. If you want to get a real feel for what the car can do and how it handles drive on local roads as well as highways. Practice making right and left hand turns to assess if there’s any play in the steering wheel.

Make K turns and parallel park in tight spaces. Accelerate onto the highway. Practice passing cars. See how the ride feels in stop and go traffic.  Ensure that you’ll be happy driving this car for the next few years by testing it thoroughly.

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