4 Tips For Increasing Online Business Leads

Business owners require a steady flow of leads to grow their ventures. Since leads respond to value it makes sense to share targeted, helpful content through a variety of online channels to attract online business prospects.

Run a Blog

Running a blog establishes your authority and drives online leads which grow your business. Smart business owners see their blogs as content central. Reviews, podcasts, videos and other forms of content can be posted on blogs quickly.

Publish at least one post a week to drive targeted traffic to your blog. Network with authorities in your niche and promote other pros to build your network and to expand your presence online. Targeted, hungry business leads will gobble up your content and grow your email list as they sign up for updates.

Use Enticing List Bait

Create a value-packed lead magnet to draw in business prospects. Publish a free eBook or free marketing course. Place an opt in form on your blog and squeeze page to capture vital information for your prospective customers. Drive traffic to your website by advertising your free, valuable giveaway on your blog and through your social networking sites.

If you can over deliver through your free list bait you can grow a sizeable email list and increase your online business leads swiftly.

Use Social Media to Gain Trust

Interested people need to trust your business and brand before they offer their information for your list. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus allow you to build pages to gain the trust of your target audience.

Set up a Facebook Page, a twitter profile and a Google Plus Page to engage your audience. Add value to become valuable to targeted leads. Patiently ask questions and provide answers through social media sites. Don’t make the mistake of sharing your business page only on social media sites. People will seek out more information about your business if you’re willing to listen to them.

Grow your leads by listening to the needs of your audience. Potential customers have problems to be solved. Listen in to identify these problems and solve the issues through your blog posts, videos and podcasts.

Wise social media users promote others in their niche as freely as they promote themselves. Give freely to expand your presence quickly. Your business network of friends will promote you freely to help you increase your online business leads.

Speak a Consistent Message

Don’t confuse potential leads by changing up your business message frequently. Decide exactly who you want to speak to online, through your email list, your blog and your social networking sites to keep your message consistent.

Interested visitors want to know what you do and how it benefits them. Most of your content should be in full alignment with your core business message. Post a non-business themed update to your blog or social networks here and there but stay on topic to attract online business leads.

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