Valuemag’s Honeymoon Destinations With Love Legends

Valuemag’s has a ton of free magazine subscription options to choose from, from AFAR that gives you all your travelling advice and tips all the way to Bridal Guide, which is your go-to spot for wedding and honeymoon planning. Today at Valuemags we thought that it’d be cool to merge the two together by merging these two magazines to your liking.

When you think honeymoon, you may think of an escape to the city of romance in France, or a safari adventure that sparks fear and trust. There are many options to choose from, and the Valuemags experts have come equipped with their top destinations for a vacation to remember.

When it comes to honeymooning, the beach takes the cake for the end of the vacation. But what we’re interested is in the adventure, the cobblestone streets that are rich in art and history. Think of Europe and all that it has to offer, all that it has been through. Italy, France, Greece and Croatia top the charts. In Italy, visit the Amalfi coast in Positano as it is engraved in legends of love. Here’s how the legend goes: The Roman God Hercules became enamored and instantly fell in love with a nymph by the name of Amalfi (the reasoning for how the coast got its name). Eventually she died, and instead of remaining broken inpain Hercules decided to proactively do something in her honour. He decided to build the most beautiful of treasures on her grave, in what he considered the most beautiful place on earth. Therefore he buried her body right between the sea and the rocks in what we now know as Positano and built colorful homes to continue to bring to life the elixir of her beauty.

Another romantic honeymoon location that Bridal Guide at Valuemags didn’t suggest but we know to be true is Sao Miguel in the south of Portugal. This special, soulful space has two connected lakes that are of different colors. One is green since it is shallower and thus reflects the colors of the vegetation at its floor, while the other is blue—a signal of a deep lake that reflects the bright vivid blue of the sky. However, the legend goes that these two lakes, which are connected but separated, tell the story of lovers who had a forbidden relationship. The man had green eyes and resisted crying upon their separation, thus filling one crater of the lake with green tears. The daughter cried when she found out her father, the King, was to ship her off to be married with a Prince. She cried and cried upon her final goodbye, thus filling up the blue crater. Although they aren’t physically together, the two lakes represent the love that will bind them in spirit forever.