Treat Autism Disorder With Expert Help

Individuals of this century are rather conscious about their career, economic stability as well as investment issues.  With the ever increasing competition in everybody’s life, regardless of their age or occupation; ranging from students, job seekers, working professionals or businesspersons, there’s hardly one who is not concerned about the ways of how to sustain and grow! Importantly, in this bottleneck situation, what they overlook is the utmost necessity of maintaining their health issues. Eventually, this violation of healthy practices, avoidance or carelessness is increasing the number of physical complications from minor to serious in human life.

According to the opinion of the eminent physician of Freeport, Maine Dr. Lowell I Gerber MD, who is the Medical Director as well as owner of BIOINDIVIDUAL health Strategies, LLC is, it’s just the high time that people should get prepared and stay equipped on personalized health procedures and strategies. Once you’ve planned and developed your health investment portfolio, you’ll be comprehensively benefited with Bio-Individual Nutrition and Custom-made fitness processes. Importantly, attainment of micronutrients which is essential for physical wellness are determined at BIO INDIVIDUAL HS LLC, based on unique genetics, biological and biochemical components possessed by you as well as each member of your family.

Dr. Lowell I Gerber holds a BS degree, completed in 1970 from the University of Illinois and also became Master of Science (MS) with specialization in Physiology of Exercise. He had done his Doctor of Medicine MD degree from the famous Loyola University, Chicago and STRITCH school of Medicine located in Maywood, Illinois. Subsequent to completion of his medical school, he became the fellow in Pathology from STRITCH school of Medicine. When it comes to his residency, he had undergone residency session in Internal Medicine and successfully achieved fellowship in Cardiology. This was done from the University Of South Florida- College Of Medicine, Tampa. This knowledgeable physician had undergone a number of researches and practiced effectively on clinical as well as interventional cardiology.

One of the important projects that he had gone through was Healthy Workplace Bullying. And as an expert in common bullying linked issues, he offered his valuable advisory in connection with the human instinct of workplace bullying, promote awareness on this gray area and provide solutions with a view to put an end to the practices of bullying. He rendered his services as a Medical Director for Freeport Cardiology for a period of four years, and in 2013 January, after leaving Freeport; Dr. Lowell I Gerber initiated two major endeavors intended for human wellbeing. He founded Freeport Lifestyle & Age Management Medicine LLC, in Freeport, Maine. The specialty services offered from FLAMM are Lifestyle based medications and healing, Medically Assessed Weight Management and Preventive measures on Aging. His second healthcare project is Younger-Learner ME at Freeport in Maine only.

This compassionate, patient friendly physician Dr. Lowell I Gerber considers the major issue of Maine, which is one of the oldest states in the nation.  Sadly, this eldest state has the 2nd highest numbers of victims suffering from autism In the US. The state has a widespread and increasing number of patients having obesity, chronic disease as well as diabetes even found in children. The whole idea of introducing this innovative and specialist center, Younger Leaner ME is providing healthcare, according to individual’s necessity and offering healthy life to every individual.