Would It Be Permissible To Douche When You Become Pregnant?

What is douching while pregnant? It points to the fact that you clean the vagina with a host of solutions or squirting water. These solutions could be iodine or vinegar in most cases. The main reason why women go on to advocate it would be to remove their blood after the menstrual cycle. You also are known to clean the vagina so that the sexually transmitted diseases reduce in intensity. It would mean that you are going to wash away the semen which would help to reduce pregnancy. In the meantime, the pungent odors would be a thing of the past as well.

Most of the medical experts are against the viewpoint of douching. This is irrespective of the fact whether you become pregnant or not. Here the vagina does have its own modules on how to keep itself clean and at the same time balancing the bacteria along with PH levels. In case of the moment you plan on introducing a liquid into this territory you call for the emergence of infections. In most cases, a warm bath or a shower would be more than enough to clean the vagina. From the outside let the vagina goes on to clean itself by the process of mucus.

There have been numerous studies which have gone on to show a link between douching woman and low birth weight babies. But the sample of the research is on the smaller side and the results have not been that conclusive till date. Between ectopic pregnancy and douching, there does exist a strong consensus as well? What it would mean means that the fertilized egg instead of being attached to the uterus goes on to attach itself to the fallopian tube. Vaginal douching could go on to pose a lot of serious problems at the same time. The list of problems includes early delivery, some type of infection in the baby and there could be a host of problems with the baby itself.

The moment you are going to have burning, itching, some sort of vaginal pain, or this could be in the form of a foul odor as well. This could stretch when you have pain in case of urinating. Followed by a vaginal discharge that is not normal and it would mean a thick and that replicates in the type of cottage cheese. The same problem extends if it extends to yellowish green as well. The chances of a urinary tract infection or a yeast infection could also emerge at the same time. The best part is that all of them you could go on to treat during the course of infection.

So from our discussion till now, it has gone on to emerge douching at any time of the year is not something to be proud of. This is in spite of the numerous products that are out in the market recommending the use of it on a large scale as well. Keep away from it.