How effective is Oxandrolone?

Oxandrolone sells with the brand name of Anavar and was a popular purchase in USA. The steroid doesn’t help you bulk up, but can burn fat and make you look ripped. The muscle mass that you gain with fat burning off, tends to be irreversible. This is different from what happens when you use steroids regularly. The 10 mg pills of Anavar tend to put less stress on liver or affect natural sex drive. You might get the product in different countries, and this is present in black markets. However, you must know that it is not a cheap product.

History of Anavar 10 mg

Before knowing the effectiveness of Oxandrolone, you must know where it came from. The drug was first sold in 1964 and it came from the American name Oxandrolone. The manufacturers were Searle. The drug was supposed to be mild steroids that help children grow.

It is always said that using steroids would hinder the rate of growth, but that’s not really true. However, having more estrogen stops you from growing, and so women tend to be shorter than men. Anavar from Meditech will not cause aromatization, and that means it will not hinder the growth rate. Women would do well with the drug when the dosage recommendations are low. The drug has also worked to treat osteoporosis for this reason. This is when people started thinking differently, and by the 80s, the use of steroids had gone low. People then needed prescription to buy them.

Searle stopped producing Anavar during that time due to low demand and profit. It was difficult to find pharmacies in USA till the last few years. Now, BTG produces drugs and distributes to USA pharmacies. The brand name has now turned to Oxandrin. The new company has the right to this drug and it sells for several HIV treatments..

Anabolic Effects of 10 mg Anavar

Anavar doesn’t give you an androgenic impact as it is mild drug. The drug is made of DHT and it only contained decreased 5-alpha. You cannot use it like testosterone as it is not that strong. It leaves an impact on muscles, skin, scalp and prostate. This is the same thing that has happened to Winstrol and Promobolan.

Dosages to take

Meditech Oxandrolone works well to make you strong and build muscle mass, but they are too mild when it comes to bulking up. People use it for cutting cycles and so men consume around 20 to 50 mg of the drug every day for significant results. This means that you would need to take 2 to 5 of the 10 mg supplements every day. You could also supplement the usage with Winstrol and Promobolan for cutting cycles. Your physique would look as good, and you would need to spend less. Some people tend to stack Anavar with Trenbolone, Halotestin, Proviron, and more for hardening the muscles. However, none should underestimate the effectiveness of Oxandrolone as it can work well in itself as well.