Tiwa Savage And Her Career Life – How To Download Her Songs And Music Online

When you make a list of the singers who made debut in their teen years, you can find many names originated from almost all the countries. Tiwa Savage is also one such names that has entered into the list of popular teenage singers. Started as a background trombone player in a school band, Tiwa Savage made her debut as a spotlight singer in an orchestra and has become one of the most loved singing sensations in the whole world.

Tiwa’s life started as a player of musical instrument and turned towards singing. She has even written and composed songs for many reputed music industries around the world. Many names that never go off the chart-list such as Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Mary, Da Grin, and more have enjoyed working in collaboration with Tiwa Savage on her albums.

Challenges Experienced

When Tiwa stepped onto the Nigerian musical landscape, she received a lot of hostility and ridicule from the people. They felt that she would not be welcomed as female singer and would not be capable to share stage with that time popular singers. Tiwa never got discouraged and soon her sizzling tones, lively dance moves and stimulating stage presence hugely pushed her on top of Nigerian music industry.

About Tiwa Savage

Tiwatope Savage (stage name Tiwa Savage) is from a place called Lagos in Nigeria. She was born on the 5th of February 1980. In the year 2007, she earned her degree from one of the well-known colleges in Nigeria, Berklee Music College. She is into the music world since then and has been working with some of the well-reputed producers.

Tiwa started her music career as a background singer for many reputed names such as, Kelly Clarkson, Sting, Mary J. Blige, Spice Girls, and George Michael. She takes pride in holding the record label of producing more than 323 music albums while working with her partner TJ. Not only did she continue to work in the music world, she also chose her life partner from the same world. On November 2013, she got married to a singer-cum-songwriter, who was also her manager.

Tiwa Savage has worked together with many singing sensations not only on music albums, but also enjoyed on-stage performances. Some of the hit tracks from many albums such as Chuck Harmony (with Mary and Rihanna), Warren “Oak” Felder (with Jennifer Lopez and Chris Brown), So Sick (with producer Da Grin), Underdogs (with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake), Red One (with Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga), Oh Yeah (with Snoop Dogg), Push Push (with Kat Deluna), etc, are her works. She also worked with well-known produces including David Guetta.

Downloading Tiwa’s Music Album Online

When you purchase music albums on CDs or DVDs, you tend to listen to them for some time, before tossing them to some corner in your rooms. Sometimes, those disks also get corrupted, and you won’t be able to access the music files. You could instead download music from the online stores, and save them in your computer. That way you can listen to your favourite Tiwa Savage music and songs download whenever you need, even after a few months.