Most Common Men’s Apparels

T shirts and jeans

T shirts are one of the most sold products all over the market; t shirts are a lifeline to everyone. Every person i know and probably every person you know wears a t shirt. A t shirt is the most common clothing everyone has. A t shirt is something which you will be able to find with everyone.

All one can differentiate between the t shirts is the design say it is checked or plain, with or without collar, with or without any slogan or a image. Some other differences you can find are size of the t shirts, cloth used in making the t shirt, brand of the t shirt and color of the t shirt.

T shirts represent how a person dresses and sometimes it can portray you, you living lifestyle and almost all about you. Thus when you select a t shirt for yourself it tells what kind of colors do you like and other things as well.

When talking about t shirts for men, different men have different color choices, design choices and thus simply they will have different t shirt choices as well.

Coming to jeans, they too have a large market worldwide, everyone i know wear jeans or must have wore it during a certain point of his life.

While buying a jean you may not have large variety of options but still a couple of designs complimented with a few color options are available for you to choose from. The only thing you can be choosy about is the brand of the apparel you are buying.

Thus a t shirt along with jeans is one of the most common men’s apparel that you would see worldwide in almost all countries.

Shirts and Pants

Shirts too as t shirts has a big user base and thus a big market similar to shirts as they are used by students, working persons etc.

Shirts have got bit more variety than t shirts and you can pick from huge pool of shirts which are of different designs, sizes, colors and price depending upon you and you needs for the shirt.

Shirts are formals and are used by working people especially in offices and stores. They along with pants give out a great clean formal look.

The only thing you can choose in design is either a checked shirt or a plain shirt. One can pick specific brand and color depending upon the need.

Coming on to the pants, these too give a very formal look, which a jean cannot give. When talking about men you can pick one depending upon the color, maybe matching with your shirt or in contrast with your pants.

For office going people I recommend light colors which are easy to eyes and are not really eye catchy. The choice in pants could be color, design and brand and almost everything else remains the same.

This combination of a pants with shirt is too one of the most common formal men’s apparel that you can see worldwide in most of the countries.

Thus we conclude T shirts and jeans and shirts and pants are the commonly used men’s apparel all through the world.