Some Necessary Questions You Must Seek Answers To Before Hiring a Kitchen Designer

A kitchen designer is someone, who is originally an interior designer and specializes in various aspects of Kitchen and some carry dual specialization i.e. Kitchen and Bath. Although they are professionally trained personnel yet it is better to be prepared with some research before handing over the task to them. Make a list of bullet points that confuses you from the things you genuinely want to be incorporated in your kitchen design.

The moment you think of redesigning your kitchen or for that matter any section of your home the burden directly comes on ‘bank balance’. This is why it is said that you better do your research to save time and money both. For clearer understanding, you can visit

Transforming the space of your kitchen from a normal basic use area to an entire facelift may need a lot of homework. A designer will make use of every inch and every corner of your kitchen space. The kitchen is an area where you work and celebrate or entertain yourself.

You may divide your task in to two sections. They are:-

  • A functional kitchen with design as the base
  • A contractor is hired to do the task from beginning to end

There are times when the designer makes the plan first and then lets you know about it. This is a time consuming process, but if it suits you then nothing like it. Otherwise, you may spend on the working / execution of the work. The decision is entirely yours.

The qualification and the professional experience of a designer

Action speaks louder than words. Please do not just get carried away simply because someone says that he/she is a kitchen designer. Check for the certificates and proper qualifications before you hire one. The other thing that you may do is to observe their office and work station. If you do not find any material like magazine/book related to kitchen design, keep a safe distance from them.

What do you want- Do they care?

You hire an interior designer to design your kitchen in a way, so that you may use it. It should not be an opportunity for them to show their talent. Be very observant whether they are asking you at all about what you want and how do you want it. The base for working on your kitchen should be:-

  • How many family members are there?
  • How much do you spend on cooking i.e. inside your kitchen?
  • Who wakes up first and at what time?

Try to find someone, who can understand what you want and how you want.

Some other questions

Just like the two mentioned above, you must seek answers to some more questions. They are:-

  • Can the designer work within your budget limit?
  • Can they give the name of some references?
  • How much time will be taken for the entire process to get over?
  • DO you have the liberty to choose your contractor?
  • Will the options for the designs be given?

Redesigning of the kitchen is not something you will be doing every month. So be very cautious before you hire a designer.

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