How To Stage A Winning Event

Today, event management has become quite a ‘thing.’ No longer satisfied with casual, disorganised affairs that succeed or fail on the basis of very little planning, these days event management is big business. The touch of gloss applied by the corporate brush has been a real game changer and whether it’s charity balls, conferences, product launches or private functions such as parties or weddings, the business of staging events have changed.

Professionals in the corporate and private events sector are quite the norm these days. This relatively new niche specialism has quickly filled up with a massive range of service providers aiming to make your event a success.

So how do you stage a winning event? What are the secrets to throwing a bash that will be remembered long after the time has passed?

The Good Location Rule

One of the key ingredients to a great event is the location. When the location is right, lots of the other organisational details fall into place more easily. When considering location, you have three main options to consider. You could elect to use a venue that is specifically designed for staging events and so has plenty of the back up facilities and amenities that make large scale functions run smoothly. Alternatively, you could choose a location merely on the merits of its beauty (for example a stately home or castle) – whilst the setting of the event may be magical, there could be quite a lot of extra work involved in bringing the rest of the facilities in line with modern event demands. Finally, you have the most flexible option of hiring a marquee or similar temporary structure and erecting it in a place of your choosing. Events professionals such as are able to supply and install a wide range of temporary structures to suit different needs and locations. At you can pick and mix from a menu of marquee styles equipped with varying interiors and floor plans, ensuring you get exactly the right atmosphere and décor for your event. Using professional event hire companies not only means the structural elements of the venue are taken care of, they can also take the reins in terms of supplying lighting, catering, entertainment and toilet and washroom facilities where necessary. The choice of location is really opened up when an event hire company is engaged – whether it’s on the lawn at home, in a field by the river or skillfully positioned on a car park or hard standing next to the workplace.

Stick to the Script

The best events are those that are so minutely organised down to the finest detail, and yet they seem as relaxed and laid back as anything. Imagine yourself as a film director and break the event down into separate scenes – this makes logistics and organisational elements less daunting and ensures there is a ‘flow’ to proceedings.

A lengthy corporate event that involves welcome aperitifs, speeches, multi-course dinners, more speeches and perhaps entertainment, needs to be kept moving in a way that is both compelling and invisible. Not an easy feat and one which the best party planners only achieve after years of experience. Smaller functions such as intimate dinners or wedding breakfasts also have their own dynamic and need to be skilfully directed with a light touch. It’s wise to consider any event from as many angles as possible – both a wide-screen overview and close-up analysis should help iron out any scheduling or running order problems.

Be a Messenger

Right from the beginning of your event planning odyssey you need to get yourself into the mindset of the messenger. You have most to lose if the event falls flat, so it is your role to be the best communicator of all. Make it your business to ensure lines of communication between all parties are open – and don’t be afraid to double check with some services and suppliers to make sure. Ninety nine per cent of the time, problems and difficulties are caused by a lack of pertinent dialogue between the main players. Don’t let this easily avoided the issue ruin your event. You are the messenger – go and spread the word. To everybody.

Some people have a knack for event planning and an ability to keep lists, programmes, running orders, names etc. organised in an internal filing system in their head. Others fall apart at the pressure of even choosing a date on the calendar. Whichever category you fall into, isn’t it great to know there are professionals out there whose job it is to make sure our parties are remembered as winning events?