Tips To Improve Your Eyesight

Be grateful for your eyesight. If you find yourself taking your vision for granted you may regret this foolish mistake. Following a few simple tips on a daily basis can improve your eyesight. Become more aware of any poor habits you’re following in regards to your vision. Staring at a laptop computer screen for hours consecutively, eating unhealthy foods and exposing yourself to the sun’s harsh UV rays can all lead to diseases which accelerate your loss of eyesight.

Use these practical tips to improve your eyesight now.

Eat the Right Foods

Improve your eyesight by taking in the proper nutrition. Certain nutrients may reduce the risk of experiencing age-related vision problems. Foods rich in Vitamins C and E, zinc, lutein and omega-3 fatty acids can improve your eyesight. Avoid suffering through cataracts or macular degeneration by eating citrus fruits like oranges, beans, nuts and other non-meat protein sources like eggs and salmon. Consume collard greens, kale and spinach. Leafy greens are excellent choices for keeping your eyesight keen.

Taking in healthy foods keeps your weight in check. Being fit and light lowers your risk of suffering through diabetes, which is a chief cause of blindness in adults. Eat right to take care of your eyesight.

Toss Away the Cigarettes

Quit smoking to improve your eyesight. Smoking increases your likelihood of experiencing macular degeneration, cataracts and optic nerve damage. Make a blanket decision that your health and vision are more important than the temporary relief of smoking a cigarette. If you keep trying to quit smoking with different strategies and decide to end your dirty habit you will find the strength and willpower to quit. Isn’t your vision and health worth kicking the habit?

Don Shades

Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and improve your eyesight. Protect yourself from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet, or UV, rays. You might get macular degeneration or cataracts if you’re exposed to the sun too frequently. Your sunglasses should block 99% to 100% of the sun’s UV rays to effectively protect your eyes. Consider polarized lenses to lessen sun glare while driving and wraparound glasses to shield your eyes from the side.

Take Frequent Breaks from Computer Work

Looking at a computer screen for extended periods can cause dry eyes, focusing difficulties, blurry vision and severe eyestrain. Ensure that your contact lenses and glasses are effective for computer use. You may simply need to wear glasses when reading from a computer screen as the glare and contrast of a computer screen can cause eye strain. Take a 5 minute break from the computer each hour. Move your computer so that your eyes are aligned with the top point of the monitor. Looking down toward the screen lessens eye strain. Buy an anti-glare screen and avoid glare from lights or windows. Blink frequently to cure dry eyes and if you feel the need to break more frequently than every hour look away from the screen every 20 minutes to protect your eyesight.